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BLOGTOBER DAY 21: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager // Review

Title: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 25th July 2019

Synopsis: You’ve been offered a luxury apartment, rent free. The catch: you may not live long enough to enjoy it… 
No visitors. No nights spent away from the apartment. No disturbing the other residents. These are the only rules for Jules Larson’s new job as apartment sitter for an elusive resident of the Bartholomew, one of Manhattan’s most high-profile private buildings and home to the super rich and famous. Recently heartbroken and practically homeless, Jules accepts the terms, ready to leave her past life behind. Out of place among the extremely wealthy, Jules finds herself pulled toward other apartment sitter Ingrid. But Ingrid confides that the Bartholomew is not what it seems and the dark history hidden beneath its gleaming facade is starting to frighten her. Jules brushes it off as a harmless ghost story – but the next day, her new friend has vanished. And then Jules discovers that Ingrid is not the first temporary resident to go missing…

It seems too good to be true; a luxurious apartment, more money than you could ever imagine, and the only thing you need to do? Stay there for 3 months. The only downside? People are disappearing and you might be next…

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Blogtober 2018 · Weekly Book Memes

Blogtober Day 30: Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Spooky Books (Halloween Freebie)!

Hi everyone!

It’s Blogtober Day 30 – the final day is approaching! However I’m back again with a new Top Ten Tuesday! TTT has actually moved from The Broke and the Bookish now and is actually over at That Artsy Reader Girl so go and check out everyone’s posts over there!


This week’s TTT is a Halloween freebie – I’m so sad spooky month is nearly over, it’s one of my favourite months of the year! Today I’ve decided to recommend some of my favourite books for the spooky month, so let’s get to it!divider-2461548_1280.
The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich

This horror filled Young Adult book has been at the top of my Halloween Book list since the first time I read it a couple years ago. It combines childhood innocence, with the purest form of horror – the place you feel the safest actually being the one place that is out to get you.

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Horror Books Based on True Stories!

Hi everyone!

I love true crime so much and it makes everything so much creepier when I know that the story is based on true events! I thought I’d gather some of my favourite true stories together so I can share it for my other true crime fans!


The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

Everyone has probably heard of The Amityville Horror – whether it’s the original film, the remake or just the mystery surrounding it – but here it is in all it’s glory! The accounts of the original Amityville haunting – be sure not to read it alone at night!

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Favourite Horror Authors!

Hi everyone!

I think that horror books seem to be less talked about compared to other genres of books, but I absolutely adore them! I decided that today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite horror authors, to hopefully help some of you who want to start reading horror, or giving recommendations to those of you who already love the genre! All of these are great ways to get into horror, so here we go!divider-2461548_1280


Bram Stoker

One of the most famous horror writers in history, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is notorious for being the start of the rise of the vampires within fiction. It is now my favourite classic novel that I’ve ever read and I can’t recommend it enough!

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The Ghost Chronicles by Marlo Berliner // Review

Title: The Ghost Chronicles by Marlo Berliner

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 17th November 2015

Synopsis: Can Michael get to heaven before the devil gets him first, and if it means leaving Sarah is he sure he still wants to go? Michael Andrews had everything – a loving family, a great girlfriend and a promising basketball career. That was before the accident that took his life. Now, he’s a ghost, wandering among the living, struggling to understand why he’s stuck. All he wants is to move on.

That is until he meets Sarah, an attractive young girl who died just as tragically as he did. The only trouble is falling in love and binding oneself to another soul is forbidden, for it may keep one or both of the souls bound to earth for longer than they should be.

To make matters worse, there’s also a danger in going too far with Sarah, because the “joining” of two souls in the afterlife is also strictly forbidden and they don’t know what will happen if they do go that far. Each time they touch they can feel the boundaries of their energies slipping perilously into one another. Things get even more complicated as Michael learns he’s being pursued. Demons are after him because he’s a marked soul, a soul the devil wants very badly for some unknown reason.

So, maybe falling in love in the afterlife isn’t such a good idea.



I was so excited when Marlo sent me this book, and I couldn’t wait to read it. I loved the way the story started with the accident, it was so interesting to then uncover what had happened and led up to the accident.

The story itself included such brilliant elements of paranormal, but also combined it with emotion and allowed you to feel what Michael did as you went on his journey with him. The moments where he couldn’t stop following his family around really hit hard, and made me feel all kinds of feelings!

I absolutely loved how the characters were created in this book, in particular Tom. He was such a great character, and the mystery surrounding him and who he was, really helped to keep the pace of the story going so well, it was genius.  The use of other more “well known” ghosts was also great, and really added some well needed humour to what would otherwise be an extremely dark story.

This book had such a wonderfully created story, and the addition of the threat of demons? I was sold from the moment I read that.

This is definitely one to add to your (probably neverending) TBR. With exciting characters, a heartbreaking narrative, and a story that will leave you bursting with questions in anticipation for the next book, Marlo is one to watch.

You can buy The Ghost Chronicles on Amazon UK here!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*


NOS4R2 by Joe Hill // Review

Title: NOS4R2 by Joe Hill

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 9th October 2014

Joe Hill teaches the world how to write horror, and that Christmas isn’t always the happiest time of the year in this atmospheric thriller.

NOS4R2 tells the story of Victoria McQueen, a young girl who when she rides her bike has the ability to ‘find’ things. No matter where they are, if she thinks of them, she can find them. Until she finds herself in the place called Christmasland. The home of Charlie Manx, who kidnaps young children in his Wraith and takes them far away, to where they’ll celebrate Christmas forever. NOS4R2 explains how Victoria got away…and why she’s on the run from Manx once again.

I’ve never read anything by Joe Hill before and all I knew him for was writing Horns. When I saw this in the shop I picked it up out of curiosity and I am incredibly glad I did. This was hands down the best horror book I’ve read other than the ones by the King himself. It was exactly what a horror book needs to be. It has suspense, it had creepiness, and it just had me on the edge of my seat.

The chapters were extremely cleverly written. For a majority of the chapters, the title of them was the location of where the chapter would be set, and the title of the chapter would finish the last sentence previous. I’ll put an example below! It was so clever how this was done and really added something to the story.

I loved the split narrative in the book, the beginning starts out with the young Victoria and then carries on into her older life, along with Manx’s journey too. This was such a brilliant way to create the narrative as it really helped you to include yourself and understand every part and reason behind each other characters actions.

My favourite thing in the entire book though was Charlie Manx’s character. He was such a great villain and Joe Hill wrote him perfectly. You can tell the Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son, because he has the King talent at writing perfectly created villains and Manx was no different. He was creepy and constantly puts you on edge, rather than being over the top with the horror and violence.

A lot of horror books recently have a tendency to overuse the gore and violent aspect to help increase the horror. This book definitely doesn’t need that and it was such a breath of fresh air to have a truly scary and creepy book in the traditional way it used to be.

I just loved this book, and it was the best book to read if you’re in the mood for a good atmospheric horror. It’s made me a true fan of Joe Hill now, he definitely takes after his father.

If you want a good horror, or a new author that writes just as amazing as Stephen King, then this is the book for you!

Monthly Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up!

Hi everyone!

Why is October over already??? We have two months left until 2016 is over, how crazy is that?

October is one of my favourite reading months, because it’s Halloween so the perfect time to read creepy horror books! I love horror books, and there’s no better time to read them so I make sure to read as many as I can, even if it is hard fitting them around uni!

Anyway the books I read this month were amazing!

 Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS BOOK IN THE SLIGHTEST. This book was everything I’ve ever wanted and more, I thought it would be hard to beat Heir of Fire as my favourite book in the series but this might just beat it. EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND I LOVE IT. I need to write my review but it both made me cry with happiness and also ripped my heart in two, PLEASE READ THIS!

 The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I’ve been wanting a Neil Gaiman book for so long and I finally found this for £1 in my local charity shop so I picked it up and started reading it on the way home! I loved it, I loved Neil’s writing and the narrative and it was just so good! Now to hopefully read more Neil Gaiman books!

 Starr Fall by Kim Briggs

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: Kim emailed me and asked me to read and review this before it’s release day next month (see my full review of it here!) and I was thrilled! It was an amazing book, with such a unique story and brilliantly created characters! I definitely recommend it, and Kim is super lovely!

2016-06-12 15.08.08

 The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

Rating: ★★★★

Review: The first book I read by Dawn was The Creeper Man (full review here!), and I LOVED it so much. I know this is Dawn’s debut release, so I was curious as to what it was like, and I still loved it! I loved the writing style of it, and yes I didn’t love it as much as The Creeper Man but to say it was a debut, she really is an amazing author!


The Monstrous Child
 by Francesca Simon

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: This was such an impulse buy because of it’s beautiful cover and the fact its about mythology and it paid off! I loved how chatty the book was, and how Hel was so calm and cool about everything and her wonderful personality. Such an amazing book!

 NOS4R2 by Joe Hill

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I LOVED THIS BOOK. I needed a proper creepy book to read this month and this definitely fit perfectly. The perfect amount of horror, creepy settings and also a bit of paranormal happenings, it was just everything. I was hooked from start to finish! If you’re looking for a good horror book, this is it!

 The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

Rating: ★★★

Review: This book had really high expectations for me, and I’d heard great things about it but it just didn’t do it go me sadly. I loved the relationship of the two brothers, and at parts I was completely absorbed by the story, but by the end I wasn’t really sure what was going on at times. I loved the characters and parts of the story overall, it was just a bit too hyped for me!

That’s my wrap up! I read some AMAZING books this month, and loved every one of them! Hopefully November is a good reading month too!

Have you read any of the books I did this month? What did you think?

Leave a comment with your wrap ups so I can have a read too!


Meggan x

Recommendations · Weekly Book Memes

Top Ten Tuesday – Auto Buy Authors!

Hi everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme created over on The Broke and the Bookish!

So this week it’s a freebie week, so I decided to choose my Top Ten Auto Buy Authors!

1. Sarah J. Maas
Okay so anyone who has even looked at the title and contents of most of my posts will probably realise how much I love this woman. I mean to be honest most of the people who ask me about books will know my love for her because I CANNOT stop talking about her books! Literally as soon as I see she’s releasing a book it goes on preorder because I can’t get enough of how amazing her writing is! For more reasons why I love her, have a look at my previous Top Ten Tuesday post!

2. Stephanie Meyer – Twilight was one of the first series of books I can really remember taking over my life and just allowing myself to completely be immersed in the world Stephanie created so no matter what she will always hold a part of my heart. I’ve also read The Host by Stephanie Meyer and I LOVED it, I’ve reread it so many times. I love her writing style and she holds such nostalgia for me that I will always buy her books! I love Twilight Reimagined, and I hope to read more by her!

3. Cassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices is probably my favourite trilogy, I couldn’t get enough of it. I was the same when The Mortal Instruments were released, and now that the rest of her books are being released for the Shadowhunter Chronicles, she has to be on my auto-buy list because she just creates such wonderful worlds that I definitely want to live in and just read over and over again.

4. Annabel Pitcher – The first book of hers I read was Ketchup Clouds because I just liked the sound of it when I went to the bookshop, and I loved it that much that everytime she releases a book I have to buy it. When Silence is Goldfish was released I instantly put it in my basket and bought it there and then! She’s such an underrated author and really deserves more publicity because she’s amazing!

5. Stephen King – I guess this is pretty obvious since I’ve read so many of his books recently, that and he’s probably one of the most loved authors in the world! His books are the perfect balance of thrilling, horror, exciting and wonderful that I just can’t help but buy his books. They also have the best covers and I just love his books. My goal is to collect them all!

6. Patrick NessThe Chaos Walking series had one of the best book endings I think I’ve ever read and A Monster Calls was one the most beautiful and heartbreaking book on my shelf, so now whenever I see another of his books I have to pick it up. I’m still to read his other books but safe to say they’re on my shelf ready to be read!

7. Rainbow Rowell – As soon as I saw Carry On was released I bought it instantly without even checking what it was about! She will always be one of my favourites, and even the World Book Day short story Kindred Spirits was amazing too!

8. Cat Clarke – I’ve read all of Cat’s books apart from Lost and Found (which is on my shelf though!) and she is definitely an auto buy author. Her books are brilliant and I read them all in one go because I just never want to put them down!

9. Markus Zusak – Since The Book Thief is my favourite ever standalone book, it’s only right to have him on my auto buy authors list! I have The Messenger but haven’t got around to reading it yet but it’s safe to say I’m extremely excited!

10. Tess Gerritsen – I first read the Rizzoli & Isles series after watching the TV series based on them and I loved them. They were one of the first sets of books that started out my love for thriller and crime books and ever since then she’s been on auto buy!

Who are your auto buy authors? Leave a comment with your Top Ten Tuesdays!


Meggan x