Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough // Review

Title: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 26th January 2017

Synopsis: Louise – Since her husband walked out, Louise has made her son her world, supporting them both with her part-time job. But all that changes when she meets…

David – Young, successful and charming – Louise cannot believe a man like him would look at her twice let alone be attracted to her. But that all comes to a grinding halt when she meets his wife…

Adele – Beautiful, elegant and sweet – Louise’s new friend seems perfect in every way. As she becomes obsessed by this flawless couple, entangled in the intricate web of their marriage, they each, in turn, reach out to her.

But only when she gets to know them both does she begin to see the cracks… Is David really is the man she thought she knew and is Adele as vulnerable as she appears?
Just what terrible secrets are they both hiding and how far will they go to keep them?



A thriller that will leave you in shock, and will leave you reeling for weeks on end after you finish the final page.

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The Outliers by Kimberley McCreight // Review

Title: The Outliers by Kimberley McCreight

Rating: ★★★

Release: 3rd May 2016

Synopsis: Imagine if you could see inside the minds of everyone around you – your best friend, your boyfriend, your enemies…? Imagine how valuable you’d be… Imagine how much danger you’d be in… Imagine being an Outlier.

It all starts with a text:
Please Wylie, I need your help.

Wylie hasn’t heard from her one time best friend, Cassie, in over a week. Not since their last fight. But that doesn’t matter. Cassie’s in trouble, and it’s up to Wylie to do what she does best, save her best friend from herself.

This time it’s different though – Cassie’s texts are increasingly cryptic and scary. And instead of having Wylie come by herself, Jasper shows up saying Cassie asked him to help. Trusting the super-hot boy who sent Cassie off the rails doesn’t feel right, but Wylie has no choice.

But as Wylie and Jasper follow Cassie’s bizarre trail, Wylie has a growing sense that something is REALLY wrong. What isn’t Cassie telling them? Who is she with and what do they want from her? And could finding her be just the beginning…?



An interesting story with a lot of mystery, and action ready to keep you up at night.

The story overall was really well thought out, and although at parts I felt a little lost at what was happening, overall I really enjoyed it. I loved how every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, something happened and it kept me on edge.

There are so many twists and turns to keep you on your toes, and I really liked how the characters become intertwined with the story. It was very clever.

I’m curious as to where the next book will go, and I’m excited to get back into the world of The Outliers.

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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin // Review

Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 27th September 2011

Synopsis: Mara Dyer doesn’t think life can get any stranger. She wakes from a coma in hospital with no memory of how she got there or of the bizarre accident that caused the deaths of her best friends and her boyfriend, yet left her mysteriously unharmed. The doctors suggest that starting over in a new city, a new school, would be good for her and just to let the memories gradually come back on their own.

But Mara’s new start is anything but comforting. She sees the faces of her dead friends everywhere, and when she suddenly begins to see other people’s deaths right before they happen, Mara wonders whether she’s going crazy! And if dealing with all this wasn’t enough, Noah Shaw, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen can’t seem to leave her alone… but as her life unravels around her, Mara can’t help but wonder if Noah has another agenda altogether…



An intense book with a perfect balance of subtle horror and wonderfully created characters.

Right from the start I felt completely immersed in the book, as I was curious as to what had happened to Mara, and also loved how mysterious the entire situation was kept.

Mara’s portrayal of PTSD was written so well, and I loved how Michelle included this in the story as PTSD is barely ever mentioned in YA, so it was nice to see it being represented in a way that fit with the story too. It feels so real, and you can feel the panic as she does.

The story overall had me reminiscing on some moments of Twilight, but I loved how Noah was actually so kind, and didn’t fit in to the brooding stereotype of “YA male characters”. It was such a wonderful breath of fresh air.

The writing style was absolutely brilliant, I was completely invested into the story, and the development of both Mara and Noah was so great. I loved the depth to their chemistry, and also the depth of Mara’s character.

This book was so brilliantly written, and had such a great balance of horror and suspense. It had a great story, and I can’t wait until I can get the rest of the series!

You can buy The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer on Amazon UK here!


Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka // Review

Title: Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 5th March 2016






A short story that packs a hug punch, this is definitely one to read.

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S.T.A.G.S. by M.A. Bennett // Review

Title: S.T.A.G.S by M.A. Bennett

Rating: ★★★.5

Release: 10th August 2017

Synopsis: It is the autumn term and Greer MacDonald is struggling to settle into the sixth form at the exclusive St. Aidan the Great boarding school, known to its privileged pupils as S.T.A.G.S.

To her surprise Greer receives a mysterious invitation with three words embossed upon on it: huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ – an invitation to spend the half term weekend at the country manor of Henry de Warlencourt, the most popular and wealthy boy at S.T.A.G.S.

Greer joins the other chosen students at the ancient and sprawling Longcross Hall, and soon realises that they are at the mercy of their capricious host. Over the next three days, as the three bloodsports – hunting, shooting and fishing – become increasingly dark and twisted, Greer comes to the horrifying reality that those being hunted are not wild game, but the very misfits Henry has brought with him from school…



A thriller full of twists and turns, and deadly enough to make you never want to go on a school trip ever again.

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Hate List by Jennifer Brown // Review

Title: Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 4th November 2010

Synopsis: 5 months ago Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend opened fire on their school cafeteria, killing five students and one teacher before turning the gun on himself. Valerie, who was shot trying to stop him, is initially implicated in the shootings because of the hate list she helped create. The hate list her boyfriend used to pick his targets.

As Valerie integrates back into school, more of an outsider than she ever thought she was before, she is forced to confront her feelings of guilt and loneliness. Exploring the gray area between hero and villain, she navigates the rocky relationships with her family, her former friends, with the memory of the boyfriend she still loves, and with the girl whose life she saved five months ago. As she moves toward graduation and the year anniversary of the shooting, Valerie must come to grips with the tragedy that took place and her role in it all in order to make amends and move on with her life.



A heart wrenching and emotionally underrated book that will leave you reaching for the tissues, this is one of the most uniquely brilliant books I’ve read.

This book completely blew me away. I picked it up on a whim from the bookshop, and I am amazed even now about how brilliant it was. It was thought provoking, emotional and had such realistic characters that I could feel all the emotions.

Dealing with such a tough topic, and one that unfortunately is more common in the world than we’d like, this book opened every wound that can be caused by such a mass horror. I loved though, how it wasn’t focused on the shooting, but instead focused on how Val coped with what happened, and not only the loss of her classmates, but the coming to terms with what her boyfriend did, and how she became involved.

It was so brilliant how we got to see how she coped with all these emotions, from people calling her a murderer, to her dealing without Nick and her mixed feelings over him, and also the relationship with her old friends. Her relationship with her parents was also a particularly stand out moment for me, as it hurt me in the best way. It was so beautifully written that every moment between them felt as if it was a moment between me and my parents, so hit me hard. The situations she goes through, and of feeling so alone really brought me to tears.

The use of split timelines was also well used, as it allowed us to see what Nick and Val were like before the shootings, so let us get a backstory as to why Val felt like she did, and explained the meaning behind the list. Getting such a complete perspective of a story can sometimes be missing in YA novels, so I loved how it was so inclusive in this book.

The use of newspapers and obituaries also helped to gain some insight into the victims and helped sympathise with them, almost as if the loss was real and you were inside the book.

This book was a beautifully written story of hatred, loss and shows how one small situation or joke can turn into something much bigger. It was incredibly;y thought provoking and was so powerful. I am in awe of this book, and I can’t recommend it enough.

You can buy Hate List on Amazon UK here!


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi // Review

Title: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 10th February 2012

Synopsis: One touch is all it takes. One touch, and Juliette Ferrars can leave a fully grown man gasping for air. One touch, and she can kill.

No one knows why Juliette has such incredible power. It feels like a curse, a burden that one person alone could never bear. But The Reestablishment sees it as a gift, sees her as an opportunity. An opportunity for a deadly weapon.

Juliette has never fought for herself before. But when she’s reunited with the one person who ever cared about her, she finds a strength she never knew she had.



I know I’m late to the party but I am so in love with this book! An exciting and thrilling book filled with excitement, horror and beautiful writing to leave you begging for more.

Right from the first line, this book had me hooked. It was one of the most powerful, and poignant lines, and something that has now forever been seared onto my mind. It set up the tone of the book so well, and from then on I continually fell more and more in love with it.

Tahereh has such a beautiful way of describing scenes, and her writing itself is so poetic that you can’t help but completely immerse yourself in the world she creates. She describes everything in such detail you can really imagine that you’re there, and put yourself in the characters shoes, and it’s amazing.

Her use of strikethroughs is also absolutely outstanding. Never before in any book have I read such brilliant use of strikethrough, but Tahereh not only does it perfectly, but it is so effective to the overall story. It’s so unique but works absolutely brilliantly.

The characters are both well developed and also so interesting, they all work so well together and I love them all so much. I could feel what they were feeling, and Kenji is my absolute favourite! The ending left me in awe of the book, and as soon as I finished it I ordered the rest!

If you’re looking for a book that will leave you with a complete love for an authors writing style, and a book that may potentially ruin your emotions – look no further!


You can buy Shatter Me on Amazon UK here!


Strange Weather by Joe Hill // Review

Title: Strange Weather by Joe Hill

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 7th November 2017

Synopsis: Four short novels from the author of THE FIREMAN and HORNS, ranging from creepy horror to powerful explorations of our modern society.

One autumnal day in Boulder, Colorado, the clouds open up in a downpour of nails, splinters of bright crystal that tear apart anyone who isn’t safely under cover. ‘Rain’ explores this escalating apocalyptic event, as clouds of nails spread out across the country and the world. Amidst the chaos, a girl studying law enforcement takes it upon herself to resolve a series of almost trivial mysteries . . . apparently harmless puzzles that turn out to have lethal answers.

In ‘Loaded’ a mall security guard heroically stops a mass shooting and becomes a hero to the modern gun movement. Under the hot glare of the spotlights, though, his story begins to unravel, taking his sanity with it…

‘Snapshot, 1988’ tells the story of an kid in Silicon Valley who finds himself threatened by The Phoenician, a tattooed thug who possesses a Polaroid that can steal memories…

And in ‘Aloft’ a young man takes to the skies to experience parachuting for the first time . . . and winds up a castaway on an impossibly solid cloud, a Prospero’s island of roiling vapour that seems animated by a mind of its own.



An outstanding collection that will keep any horror fan on the edge of their seats, Joe Hill is finally back and ready to scare his fans.

This is a collection of four short stories and each one just kept getting better and better. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year, so thank you to Edelweiss for giving me an early copy! To make this easier I’ll try to review each individual story!

Snapshot, 1988:

This was such a strong opening to the novel, and right from the start I knew this book would be good. The story is so unique, and I loved how it was written from the perspective of what the main character could remember happening. It made it feel so much more realistic, like it really had happened. It was such a clever concept, a play on a camera “capturing” a memory, and it was told in such a genius way that only Hill could produce.


The use of horror within this story was so clever, and the fact that this event could actually happen really added to the atmosphere. Although it did have a slower start than the first story, it kept the pace well and held it’s own in the anthology. I loved how the main character was written, and how we could slowly see his descent into madness. It fit perfectly with the book, and the development was perfect.


This story really kept me enthralled right until the end, and the open ending packed such a punch! I was so curious of the events that happened within the book, and was constantly turning the page begging for my questions to be answered. Once again a brilliantly unique story, with a clever twist on what constitutes a villain being a “villain”. The characters felt so real, and I could feel everything the main character did too. The description was so perfect I felt scared for him!


This was definitely my favourite story out of the four in this collection. Right from the start I became completely invested in this story, and the way it was written kept me on the edge of my seat. I love disaster novels, and this was definitely that, but with such a brilliant twist. The foreshadowing Joe used in this story is such a good nod to his father Stephen King, but also to his brilliant use of telling a story before it even happens. It’s one of my favourite things, and I loved how it was used in here. The story was tied up so well, and the realistic horror that takes place was so good. Each character had such a good role to play, and Joe wrote them all perfectly. A brilliant ending to the novel.

Overall these four stories were absolutely brilliant in their own right, but then when you combined them together they were outstanding. Joe Hill is definitely a master of horror, and I can’t wait for his next book to be released!

You can buy Strange Weather on Amazon UK here!


Release Day Posts

PULSE by Danielle Koste Cover Reveal!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a cover reveal for a book I am SO excited to share with you!!! It couldn’t be a more perfect time to share this wonderfully horror filled book – it’s Halloween after all!!

PULSE is absolutely amazing, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this cover!

Okay…ARE YOU READY? Here we go!

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Monthly Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up!

Hi everyone!

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED! It’s the end of October and I’m actually posting my wrap up – IT’S ON TIME! Can we all just appreciate this moment, because I am so proud of myself for finally being on time again!

I also read some very brilliant books this month, and a few more ARC’s! October is the month of Halloween so I tried to keep all my reads very spooky related, and I think I did well! I love spooky books so this is always my favourite reading month! Anyway let’s get to it:


ARC Reads:

Title: Strange Weather by Joe Hill

Rating: ★★★★.5

Review: This book is one of my highly anticipated releases of the year, so when I got approved on Edelweiss for a copy I was obviously ECSTATIC! I loved this book so much from start to finish, each short story got better and better! I love Joe Hill’s writing so much. My review will be up on the 31st of this month!

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