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Blogtober Day 10: BLOG TOUR – Amber’s Favourite Places to Write!

Hi everyone!

It’s Blogtober Day 10 and I have another SUPER exciting post for you! If you remember, last week I was part of the blog tour for Double Double Toil by Amber Elby (FIND THAT HERE: ). Well today I’m back again on the blog tour with another guest post!

Today Amber is here to talk about her favourite places to write, which I think it such a wonderful thing to share! Let’s get into it! Oh and also if you get to the end of the post there may be a little surprise!divider-2461548_1280Amber’s Favourite Places to Write

I’d like to say that I sit in a fancy café when I write, a steaming cappuccino in one hand and a feathered quill in the other.  But that simply isn’t true.  The reality may be somewhat disappointing, but hopefully it assures people that there is no one right location in which to write.

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Blogtober Day 5: Interview with R. J. Furness!

Hi everyone!

It’s Blogtober Day 5 and I’m here with a super exciting post! You’ll probably have seen Orgo’s on Twitter, or the hashtag #iwantanorgo – if you have then get ready to meet the guy responsible! R. J. Furness is the author of Dissent: RENEGADES, and the MG Orgo Runner series – both perfect!

I contacted Rick to ask if he would be interested in an author interview, and to my delight he said yes! I had SO many questions to ask and luckily enough he answered them all SO brilliantly!

Without further ado, let’s get into the Q & A!divider-2461548_1280

Q: Introduce Yourself!

A: Hi. My name’s R.J. Furness, and I’m the author of the “dissent” and “Orgo Runners” books.  Both those series are interlinked and set in the same world.  They are original dystopian adventures set in a future ice age.  I think it’s fair to say that it’s unlikely you’ve read much like them.  As for me, I’m a stay-at-home parent/writer, and I live in Southport with my incredible family.  Oh, and I also ‘appear’ to have an overactive imagination.

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BLOG TOUR: Amber Elby’s Most Influential Books – Guest Post!

Hi everyone!

Yes I’m back AGAIN with my THIRD post of the day (I promise I’m done – I know you’re probably sick of me now!) but this one is AMAZING! I’m part of another blog tour, and today I have a guest post for you!

Amber Elby’s sequel to her debut novel, Cauldrons Bubble (you can find my review here for it), is out soon and I’m here bringing you Amber’s most influential books! I love reading about some of my favourite authors favourite books – it’s so interesting!divider-2461548_1280Amber’s Influential Books

Obviously, Shakespeare is my primary inspiration and influence.  His plays have many allusions in my novels, but he’s not my only source of ideas.  I’m not a Shakespeare scholar, only a self-described fangirl, and my academic specialization is Victorian Literature, so my influences spring primarily from nineteenth century works. 

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Blogtober Day 2: Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Want to Meet!

Hi everyone!

It’s Blogtober Day 2 and I’m back again with a new Top Ten Tuesday! TTT has actually moved from The Broke and the Bookish now and is actually over at That Artsy Reader Girl so go and check out everyone’s posts over there!


This week’s TTT is all about the author we wish we could meet! There’s so many and it was so hard to choose just ten but one day I really want to meet everyone on here! Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

Jay Kristoff

I would absolutely LOVE to meet Jay – his books are absolutely amazing, and I’d love to spend time sat chatting about why he kills all my favourite characters and how he makes his books SO good!

Sarah J. Maas

I mean is anyone surprised? I adore Sarah’s writing, and if I ever got to meet her and tell her how much I love her books, it would be such an honour!

Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare’s books helped me through the start of my depression and I would love to meet her and thank her for writing those books that helped me and made me feel less alone.

Kim Briggs

Kim was the first author who ever took a chance on me to review their book, and I would still love to meet her! She is wonderful, and means so much to me, it would be an honour!

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight was one of the first series I ever loved, and I still love it to this day – so naturally I’d love to meet the author!

Markus Zusak

Do I even need to explain why? Markus’s writing blows me away and I adore everything he does, so meeting him and getting my copy of The Book Thief signed would be everything!

Matt Haig

Matt’s books quite literally changed my life. They saved me, and I would love to let Matt know that, that he helped me when I thought it was impossible. It would mean so much to me.

Stephen King

I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet the King of Horror????

Victoria Schwab

She’s an actual queen and it would be so amazing to spend time with her, and discuss all her amazing books! Also we seem to have similar humour so it would be so much fun!

Dawn Kurtagich

Dawn seems like an absolute treasure to meet, and it would be so amazing to get my books signed by her, and have a laugh along the way!


There we go – that’s my top 10 authors I’d love to meet! Hopefully one day I can cross everyone on this list off!!

Who is on your TTT? Anyone from mine? Let me know below!

Until next time,

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Meggan x


Top Five Thriller Authors!

Hi everyone!

I’ve talked about my love for horror authors (if you missed that post you can find it here!), so now I think it’s time to talk about another of my favourite genres – thriller!

I adore thriller, I love being in suspense and creeped out by a good book, so thought I’d share some of my favourite thriller authors with you! Here we go!

Sarah Pinborough

Have I talked about Sarah enough?? I LOVE HER AND HER WRITING OKAY. Behind Her Eyes is definitely one of – if not THE – best thriller I have ever read and I am still not okay after it. If you want a brilliant YA and thriller author – this is the one you need in your life!

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Favourite Horror Authors!

Hi everyone!

I think that horror books seem to be less talked about compared to other genres of books, but I absolutely adore them! I decided that today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite horror authors, to hopefully help some of you who want to start reading horror, or giving recommendations to those of you who already love the genre! All of these are great ways to get into horror, so here we go!divider-2461548_1280


Bram Stoker

One of the most famous horror writers in history, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is notorious for being the start of the rise of the vampires within fiction. It is now my favourite classic novel that I’ve ever read and I can’t recommend it enough!

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Interview with G. S. Denning – Author of Warlock Holmes!

Hi everyone!

Today I have something very exciting for you! You all probably know this but I absolutely adore the Warlock Holmes series by G. S. Denning, and as a matter of fact, A Study in Brimstone (the first book), as the first book I read in 2017!

I was then thinking because of that, it would be fitting for my wonderful interview with the man himself, G. S. Denning, to be my first full blog post of 2018!

So here we are! I had the absolute honour of talking with Gabe, and discussing all things Warlock Holmes! He even gave me some spoilers for Book 3 that I’m allowed to share with you! Excited? Let’s get straight into it then!


Hello! To kick us off, tell us a bit about yourself!

A bit about myself. Err… I’m old. 42. But that’s about the perfect age for a geek. I was born just when video games and D&D were invented and we all grew up together. All those characters that keep getting rebooted and reused and are the absolute cornerstones of geek culture came out when I was a kid.

I first met Mario before we knew his name (back in Donkey Kong). I remember when ghostbusters came out. I remember Princess Bride. I missed the first Star Wars theatrical release, because I was only 2, but it came around for its second run when I was 3 so the Death Star blowing up is among my first memories in life. Now, I’m moving from a consumer of geek-culture to a producer. Well… That’s a lie. I’m totally both.

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Guest Post: Top Ten Writing Tips from Author Louise Dean!

Hi everyone!

Today I have my first ever guest post! To celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo last month the lovely author Louise Dean offers her top ten tips for novel writing. Hopefully this will inspire you to continue writing next year!


    1. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t over-indulge in binge writing. You’ll upset your system. A solid hour a day will see you right. Keep faith with your novel. Don’t miss a day.
    2. Make sure you write every day, same time, same place. You need to read every day too. If you do those two things, then your day job will leaven your bread and bring a healthy reality check to you and your writing, and your writing will flourish thanks to the tidbits you bring home from your labours and time in goodly society.
    3. Keep your notebook with you all day every day for 90 days to catch novel thoughts and insights gleaned from daily life.
    4. Don’t fret the plot, think character and problem; think ‘what does he or she want?’ Don’t worry about word count. The daily habit of writing is what matters.
    5. Write into a notebook, type up for a very first early doors edit
    6. Creating material freely is what this first draft is all about and heading back to the notebook of your childhood, the secret diary, the handwriting of your first scribblings is very freeing.
    7. Don’t be tempted to go back over the work and tweak it. You need to get the story down before you know what to include and what to leave out.
    8. You have two pedals. One is writing, the other is reading. When one runs out of juice, use the other to take the pressure off and hey presto you’ll be moving again!
    9. Journal your writing process. All the evidence shows this works a treat. Keep an eye on yourself during the write. You will find this very valuable throughout your write to see that yes, you suffered and worried and yes you found a solution and got through it. Many great writers found this a necessity. Try it.
    10. If I were to leave you with one ‘prose tip’, it would be this:
      Write a terribly good sentence that no one has written before, that is true for you and you alone, beautiful, sad and funny, perhaps controversial or contentious, and also understated. Write the next sentence.
      Delete the second sentence. I can be almost completely certain that in the second you went too far, exaggerated, and spoilt the effect of the first. I see it all the time, in my work and in my writers’. It’s the most common error. Catch it sooner rather than later and your work will improve rapidly as you learn to train the wayward growth of your prose by tying it to a strong trellis.

And here’s one just for luck – Your novel is a jealous God. Put it first for 90 days. That’s just 0.3% of your life. Only children or emergencies come before.

Louise Dean is an award-winning author published by Penguin and Simon & Schuster and nominated for The Dublin International Literary Award, The Guardian First Book Prize, and the Man Booker Prize. She is the founder of, an online creative writing course which teaches people how to write a novel in ninety days. You can get a 10% discount on this course by using the code MYNOVEL10 at the check-out.

Go check her out now, and Happy Writing!!

Until next time,

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Meggan x


Blogmas Day 22: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer // Review

Title: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 30th July 2015

Synopsis: For thirty years, Area X has remained mysterious and remote behind its intangible border – an environmental disaster zone, though to all appearances an abundant wilderness.

The Southern Reach, a secretive government agency, has sent eleven expeditions to investigate Area X. One has ended in mass suicide, another in a hail of gunfire, the eleventh in a fatal cancer epidemic. Now four women embark on the twelfth expedition into the unknown.divider-2461548_1280Review:

A creepily fascinating book that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you questioning what is real.

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Blogmas Day 20 (Part 2!): Interview with Trev Lince!

Hi everyone!

I’m back AGAIN on Day 20 of Blogmas to share with you an interview with the lovely Trev Lince, author of Room 119!!!

Trev’s book is absolutely wonderful, and if you’re looking for a last minute present for someone you love this Christmas then this is definitely one to get!! Anyway let’s get on with the interview!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Trevor Lince, I am from a little village on the North East coast called Marske-by-the-sea in what used to be North Yorkshire. I now live in Darlington and work most of the week in London. Long suffering Middlesbrough FC fan, used to play football quite a lot now you’re more likely to see me on a golf course.

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