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Blogtober Day 31: Halloween Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

The day has arrived…HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!!! The month is nearly over, which means the spookiest of days has arrived, and with it the end of Blogtober! I’m so sad it’s over, but I’m extremely excited to celebrate Halloween with this tag!

I saw this tag on The Sassy Geek, and knew it was something that I had to do on Halloween to end Blogtober in the best way!divider-2461548_1280

Favorite Scary (Must Read) For Halloween

Image result for pet sematary

This creeped me out so much, and I absolutely love it!

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Blogtober Day 26: Game of Thrones Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

It’s day 26 of Blogtober – we’re nearly at the end can you believe it! I am so excited for this tag today – I found it on Nerd Narration and knew I had to do it after recently falling back in love with GoT!

Let’s get into it!divider-2461548_1280


There aren’t any I can actually think of that I’ve re-read and not liked!

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Blogtober Day 20: 7 Deadly Sins Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

Can you believe we only have 11 days left in October? WHERE IS 2018 GOING???? I thought for today’s Blogtober post, I’d finally do the 7 Deadly Sins Tag that my wonderful Sarah from Book Hooked Nook tagged me in a while ago! Go check her blog out now, she is amazing!

Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

What is The Most Expensive Book You Own?

It’s probably not the most expensive, but for the size it is, I’d definitely say The Colorado Kid by Stephen King. It was SO hard to find in English, so for like a 100 page book, I paid almost £20 for it so I could finish my collection!

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Blogtober Day 16: Netflix Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

Blogtober Day 16 is here – how are we over halfway through? 2018 IS GOING SO FAST GUYS.

How is blogtober going for you? I’m having such a fun time! When I’m not blogging I’m either watching YouTube or watching Netflix, so when I found this book tag on Kristen Kraves Books, I knew I had to do it to celebrate two of my loves – Netflix and books!

Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

Recently Watched:
The last book you finished reading

A Conjuring of Light by Victoria Schwab – I AM NOT OKAY

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Blogtober Day 13: Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m back for day 13 of Blogtober with a book tag! I was tagged in this very spooky book tag by my spooky queen Sarah from Book Hooked Nook! Go check out her tag, it’s so good!!

Let’s talk about some books, and some creepy creatures!divider-2461548_1280

Witch: A Magical Character or Book

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye was such a good magical book! One of my favourite magical systems ever!!

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Blogtober Day 8: Book Blogger Insider Tag!

Hi everyone!!

It’s Day 8 of Blogtober! How is it going for everyone? How was the first week? I’m having so much fun, I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks!

Today I’m back with another book tag, but this one I wasn’t tagged in! Instead I found it over on Ginger Mom Reads and it sounded so good, I knew I wanted to do it! Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

I normally write my blog posts either in my office (I’m currently waiting on a new chair so haven’t been writing there that much), or downstairs in the living room! Sometimes I draft my posts at work though on my breaks!

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Blogtober Day 4: The 100 Truths Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another tag, this time tagged by the lovely Ash from For The Love of Books! Go check her blog out – it’s wonderful!

I don’t normally do non-bookish tags but this is super fun, and I thought it’s time you got to know a little bit more about me!

So let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

1. What’s Your Name?


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Books & Disney Villains Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another book tag – once again tagged by my fave girl Sarah from Book Hooked Nook! I love Disney and I love Villains so this is literal perfection for me!

Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

Captain Hook:
A Book That Made You Wish Time Stood Still

Invictus by Ryan Graudin – I really didn’t want to finish this book at all! It was so much fun, and so well written! Continue reading “Books & Disney Villains Tag!”

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Currently Reading Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m back once again this week for another book tag! The lovely Beth from All the Bright Book Places tagged me in this and I love these questions so much, thanks Beth!

Let’s get into it!divider-2461548_1280

How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

I have a very stressful habit of reading around 5 books at once – I just want to read them all because I’m so excited!

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Life In Books Tag!

Hi everyone!

My lovely Sarah from Book Hooked Nook tagged me in this and I’m very excited to do it! I’ve been wanting to do more tags recently so this is perfect – thank you lovely!

Let’s have a look at my life in books!divider-2461548_1280

Find a Book for Each of your Initials

  • M – Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer
  • T – Twilight
  • T – The Last Boy and Girl in the World

Count Your Age Along Your Bookshelf – What Book Is It?



A Book Set in Your City/Country

I live in Sheffield but barely ANY books are set in my city so I’m going to go for one set in Barnsley instead (which is the town next to Sheffield!) – I choose A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines!

A Book That Represents A Destination You’d Love to Travel To

I would love to visit Japan and this book (also by one of my favourite authors ever) is set in that wonderful country I’d love to visit!

A Book That’s Your Favourite Colour

I love the colour red, and I think this is that perfectly!

Which Book Do You Have the Fondest Memories Of?

I remember this as being one of the first series I’ve ever loved reading, and I used to bring it to school with me to read! It was some of my favourite mornings.

Which Book Did You Have the Most Difficulty Reading?

This book has a very unique story to it, and although it was good, it was at times hard to fathom and a difficult topic to get through.

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

Christine has been on my TBR for so long, and it is absolutely huge so I feel like I’ll be super happy to finally get to it!divider-2461548_1280

There we go! Thank you again to Sarah for the tag! What did you think of my answers? Leave a comment below!

I tag anyone who wants to be tagged!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x