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BLOGTOBER DAY 15: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge // Review

Title: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 28th January 2014

Synopsis: Betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom, Nyx has always known that her fate was to marry him, kill him, and free her people from his tyranny. But on her seventeenth birthday when she moves into his castle high on the kingdom’s mountaintop, nothing is what she expected—particularly her charming and beguiling new husband. Nyx knows she must save her homeland at all costs, yet she can’t resist the pull of her sworn enemy—who’s gotten in her way by stealing her heart.divider-2461548_1280

A completely captivating, and unique retelling of one of the most well loved fairytales, this is the breath of fresh air that the story needed.

I’ve read many retellings of this story before, but never one like this. The fact that Ignifex never looked like the stereotypical ‘Beast’ was really great, it gave the perception that even from the start he wasn’t monstrous or unsightly, but just truly misunderstood.

The entire book had such a feel of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde about it because of Ignifex and Shade throughout and the seemingly inner battle between the both of them. Nyx was a very love/hate character for me. In some ways I thought she was really interesting, but then on the other hand I also felt that she could never decide what she wanted and I could never get a full grasp on her as a character.

There were so many twists throughout the book, and after already knowing the story of Beauty and the Beast it was nice to see it take different turns than the common retellings do.

The ending was fantastic, it warmed my heart and I just wish that I could read about Ignifex forever! The writing was so brilliant and I am so happy that I managed to get round to this book. Fantastical, beautifully written and one of the unique retellings I’ve ever read – definitely pick this one up!

You can buy Cruel Beauty on Amazon UK here (Amazon Affiliate Link)!

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