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BLOGTOBER DAY 4: The Bookish Q&A Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with today’s blogtober post, and this time it is a tag I found on one of my favouirte blogs ever – PaperFury. I love Cait’s posts, and her books, so when I saw this I thought of course I needed to join in! Even if mine most definitely will not be as pretty as hers!

Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

What books do you remember reading that kick started your bookworm habit?

I remember reading The Edge Chronicles series when I was in school and absolutely loving it! Same with Twilight!

What genres would you normally choose?

Thriller/Horror – I love a good thriller or horror, and it’s probably one of my most read genres!

Adult Romance – I am recently completely in love with romance books! Christina Lauren especially!

Fantasy – I’m not a HUGE fantasy lover but I do love one every now and again.

Sci-Fi – Who doesn’t love a good Sci-Fi book!

Do you eat while you read, and if yes, what exactly?

Not usually – if I do it’s normally something snacky like biscuits!

Are there any scenes from your favourite novels that you remember vividly?

The scene where Celeana fights with the Valg in Heir of Fire is one I remember so well, it’s one of my favourites!

When Bella gets attacked by James in Twilight as well – I mean who doesn’t remember that ICONIC scene amirite????

Were there any least favourites?

Honestly I can’t remember? If it’s a scene I didn’t like then I probably don’t remember it!

So as you’re a bookworm, what are you currently reading today?

I’m currently reading Escaping From Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco and The Taking of Annie Thorne by C. J. Tudor because why would I make my life easier and just read one book????

What do you plan to read next?

I have a few spooky books on my TBR for this month, but I’m really excited to read Lock Every Door by Riley Sager!

Have you got a large bookshelf or do you plan to?

I have 3 bookshelves which makes me very happy!! So I’d say I do have a large bookshelf but OF COURSE I want more!

Do you like indie or traditional books better?

I like both but I normally go for more traditional books! But I am reading more Indie and really enjoying them!

And lastly what’s your favourite and least favourite parts of the book community?

Best – I love the people I’ve met. Being able to talk to people like myself who adore books, and sharing recommendations and just making such great friends has been wonderful.

Worst – The entitlement a lot of the book community think they have. People who think they are entitled to ARC’s of books, or that they’re better than other booklovers because they can afford to go to events and signings. We all love books, and we all can celebrate that – we don’t need to be rude!divider-2461548_1280

I tag:

Sarah – Book Hooked Nook

Layla – Readable Life

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

See you tomorrow!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

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