Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman // Review

Title: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman // Review

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 7th February 2017

Synopsis: The great Norse myths, which have inspired so much of modern fiction, are dazzlingly retold by Neil Gaiman. Tales of dwarfs and frost giants, of treasure and magic, and of Asgard, home to the gods: Odin the all-father, highest and oldest of the Aesir; his mighty son Thor, whose hammer Mjollnir makes the mountain giants tremble; Loki, wily and handsome, reliably unreliable in his lusts; and Freya, more beautiful than the sun or the moon, who spurns those who seek to control her.divider-2461548_1280

A wonderful insight into the world of Norse Mythology, and the trials of the gods.

I find mythology absolutely fascinating, but have never truly delved into Norse mythology other than learning about Thor, Odin and Loki. This book was a perfect way to find out more about the myths and learn how the stories surrounding the gods came to be.

I found it so interesting to learn how Mjolnir was made, or about Loki’s monstrous children, and even about the nine different worlds. It was all so well written that I became hooked on each story and wanted to learn more and more.

Each story was so well written and explained – in true Neil Gaiman style. Told from the birth of the gods, to the end days of Ragnarok  I recommend this for anyone interesting in Norse mythology – it is truly a wonder.

You can buy Norse Mythology on Amazon UK here (Amazon Affiliate Link)!

One thought on “Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman // Review

  1. I think mythology is faacinating too! And a lot of people are talking about Norse stuff right now also. I’ve really been wanting to pick up this book but sometimes I don’t connect with Neil Gaiman. I think I’ll maybe start reading a library copy and if I’m into it, I’ll buy myself a copy because I love the cover!!

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