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Beauty and the Beast Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

I AM SO EXCITED TO DO THIS BOOK TAG!!! Also just a little side note – YES I am listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack whilst I write this up – because why would I not??

The wonderful Sarah from Book Hooked Nook tagged me in this and I can’t thank her enough! Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film ever (I literally have a thigh tattoo dedicated to it!), so combining it with books is HEAVEN!

LET’S GO!divider-2461548_1280

“Oh what a guy, Gaston!”
A villain you can’t help but love

Image result for renegades book

I mean whoever the villain is in this book is very subjective but no matter what I love everyone!

“Here’s where she meets Prince Charming”
Your OTP

Image result for jem and tessa

Jem and Tessa – because is there ever another answer for me???

“I want so much more than this provincial life”
A character destined for greater things

Image result for percy jackson gif

Percy Jackson – I mean what a life he lived after he found out he was Poseidon’s son!

“Be our guest!”
A book that made you hungry

I don’t think I’ve read any books tat actually have made me hungry!

“Beauty and the Beast”
Opposites attract 

Image result for a curse so dark and lonely

Harper and Rhen are completely the opposite of each other in the BEST way!

“But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see”
A character who is more than they appear

Image result for the confession

Every single character in this book had me SHOOK.

“I was innocent and certain, now I’m wiser but unsure
A book that changed you in some way.

Image result for the book thief

The Book Thief was the first book that I completely fell completely in love with, and truly showed me what beautiful writing was.

“Kill the Beast!”
A book you picked up because of hype

Image result for throne of glass

I picked up Throne of Glass because I thought so many people were reading it, I had to as well – turns out it became one of my favourite series ever!

“I’ll never shake away the pain”
A book or moment that always makes you cry

Image result for fault in our stars gif cry

When Hazel gets THAT call in The Fault in Our Stars – I CANNOT COPE.

“How does a moment last forever”
A book that you’ve loved since you were little

Image result for matilda gif

Matilda by Roald Dahl has been a favourite ever since I could first read it!


I tag:

Lucy – That Book Gal

Lauren – Northern Plunder

I absolutely adored doing this tag – combining two of my favourite things how could I not be in love??

Leave a comment below letting me know what your thoughts were to my answers and what yours would be! What is your favourite Disney film?

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

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