BLOG TOUR: Sapphire Smyth and The Shadow Five: Shadows Part One by R. J. Furness // Review

Title: SHADOWS: Sapphire Smyth and The Shadow Five by R. J. Furness

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 16th March 2019

Synopsis: Sapphire Smyth is no stranger to rejection. When she was only a baby, her father abandoned her after her mother died. Since then, Sapphire has never felt like she belonged anywhere, or with anyone. To make things worse, Sapphire’s foster carers have now turned their back on her – on her eighteenth birthday. After living with them throughout her childhood, Sapphire has to find a new home. Is it any wonder she finds it hard to trust people? Abandoned by the people she called family, Sapphire is alone and searching for some meaning in her life. Except that meaning has already come looking for her. When Sapphire discovers mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows, she soon realises that her fate is unlike anything she had ever imagined.

A thrilling new novel by the wonderful writer and creator of the fantastic Orgo Runners series, R. J. Furness.

When Rick first introduced me to his writing in dissent: RENEGADES a couple of years ago, I never realised just how much I would learn to fall in love with everything he does! I could not put this book down, and I think this series is going to be amazing.

Sapphire Smyth is a new serialised six-part story, and if this first part is anything to go by – you will love it. The story is focused on Sapphire, and the shadows surrounding her that may not be exactly as she first thought.

The characters are so well developed even in such a short story, and the writing truly leaves you wanting more. It truly throws you straight into the narrative, which I loved, and I loved how Sapphire was such a well written character. I could feel every emotion she went through, and her betrayal from her family really broke my heart. I just wanted to wrap her up and tell her everything would be okay!

The pacing, the writing, the FOX! Everything about this book is so wonderfully unique, and such a change in direction for R. J. Furness, but boy does he do it well! I can’t wait to dive even further into Sapphire’s world, and find out all the hidden treasures of this world!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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