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Ten Lords A Leaping Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see eh? If you hadn’t seen my tweets – I’d decided instead of doing Blogmas this year, I was going to take a break from blogging as it was getting a little much for me. I was starting to struggle a lot more with my mental health, and I needed to take a break.

I’m still on a kinda hiatus (I’ll return fully in January!), but I really wanted to do some Christmas book tags before it’s over!

My lovely Sarah from Book Hooked Nook created her own book tag, and tagged me in it! Thank you Sarah! The images of the questions she also created – go give her some love!

Let’s go!divider-2461548_1280

Stocking - a book that is full of surprises.

Image result for the last boy and girl in the world

Honestly I’ve read a lot of books with surprises – but this one takes the crown! I was so surprised by how emotional this book was, and how much I ended up loving it!


Image result for alice in zombieland

I am currently so in love with Alice and Cole in this series! Their relationship makes me SO happy, and I’m so cute!


Image result for lord of shadows

Lord of Shadows has an ending that is COLD. SO COLD. MY HEART.


Chocolate frogs anyone????


renegades paperback

Please can everyone read this book because the ending left me SHOOK!



The world of Caraval is so fascinating and so well written, I felt completely immersed.


Image result for looking for alaska

I wanted to like this book SO much, but I actually hated it *cries*


Image result for clockwork princes

Clockwork Princess has everything. Great characters, an amazing world, the LOVE OF MY LIFE? EVERYTHING.

Boxing day

Image result for a conjuring of light

I wish there was 902 more books in this series, but it was SO good!

Shining star

I can’t just choose one book – BUT if I have to talk about one of my favourite books it is DEFINITELY THIS! I adored this book so much.divider-2461548_1280

I tag:

Lucy – That Book Gal

Claire – Claire Taylor Writing

I hope you enjoyed this tag, let me know your answers below! I will hopefully be back soon, until then have a lovely Christmas!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

2 thoughts on “Ten Lords A Leaping Book Tag!

  1. So glad you did my tag! I’ve never heard of Alice In Zombieland but I am immediately checking my kindle store! I decided not to blog much this month either, hopefully we’ll both be back in the new year 💜


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