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Blogtober Day 18: City of Ghosts by V. E. Schwab // Review

Title: City of Ghosts by V. E. Schwab

Rating: ★★★★.5

Release: 6th September 2018

Synopsis:Ever since Cass almost drowned (okay, she did drown, but she doesn’t like to think about it), she can pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead . . . and enter the world of spirits. Her best friend is even a ghost. So things are already pretty strange. But they’re about to get much stranger. When Cass’s parents start hosting a TV show about the world’s most haunted places, the family heads off to Edinburgh, Scotland. Here, graveyards, castles, and secret passageways teem with restless phantoms. And when Cass meets a girl who shares her “gift,” she realizes how much she still has to learn about the Veil — and herself. And she’ll have to learn fast. The city of ghosts is more dangerous than she ever imagined.divider-2461548_1280Review:

Victoria Schwab is back with a bang – this middle grade novel is not one to miss out on.

Oh how I love Victoria’s writing. I loved the characters so much, and she’s known for her wonderful character development and this book shows that perfectly.

The family situation was absolutely brilliant and I loved how unusual they were with the ghost hunting, but also how normal their relationships were. The fact that Cass’ parents were so involved in her life was so rare and unique. It’s so unusual to have parents be main characters so was a breath of fresh air.

Jacob is potentially one of my favourite characters of all time and I am living for his and Cass’ friendship. I also really liked how much was left unsaid between them. I have so many questions that I need the next book now!

The villain in this book was also so well written. We know that V can write a brilliant villain, but this one really stands out to me – she is so cunning and so perfect for the overall book.

The use of language and how it differs from England and America was such a brilliant addition, as was the world building and history of Scotland – it was so good to hear stories so familiar to me. You could tell it was so well researched and I truly loved it.

Victoria Schwab is an author you really don’t want to miss out on. This is writing and MG at it’s finest – all hail Queen Schwab.

You can buy City of Ghosts on Amazon UK here!


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