The Usurper King by Zeb Haradon // Review

Title: The Usurper King by Zeb Haradon

Rating: ★★★.5

Release: 24th November 2017

Synopsis: The Usurper King takes place in an alternate universe where the serial killer Ted Bundy was never apprehended and is now running for president in 2016. Jim, a sufferer of a hybrid computer-biological virus that causes premature aging, tries to pay for his treatments by winning money on the game show ‘Guts!’, which has contestants competitively predict the future by reading animal entrails. As Jim begins to find omens in the entrails of Bundy’s victory, and details of Bundy’s murderous past are uncovered, Jim and another contestant take it upon themselves to stop his ascent to power before it’s too late.divider-2461548_1280Review:

What if Ted Bundy never got caught? What if he was hiding right under your nose…

This was a really interesting premise and I thought that the story itself was such a unique idea. I have never read anything like this, and the minute the story was pitched to me I knew it was right up my alley.

I really enjoyed the mystery behind the narrative, and thought Ted Bundy’s character was so well written, and very reminiscent to the horrible man he was.

The illness that Jim has was also very intriguing and something else that was incredibly unique.

This is definitely one of the books to keep an eye on if you’re a fan of true crime!

You can buy The Usurper King on Amazon UK here!

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