Expectations by Andrew Wilkes // Review

Title: Expectations by Andrew Wilkes

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 29th April 2018

Synopsis: In a rapidly changing world, Salarani finds herself in an uninhibited game of cat and mouse, where sex has never been more dangerous. With high expectations, she travels the kingdom, looking for lust and desire.divider-2461548_1280Review:

What a debut novel this is! Sex, mystery and a whole lot of murder – this book has it all.

The writing style was particularly brilliant when it came to this book. I was hooked and completely immersed in the story and it Sal’s life from the first page. It was not only well written but such a unique concept.

I adored Sal (if you can adore a murderess I guess??) and her motives behind what she was doing were so interesting. She was a truly badass woman!

The book was graphic at times, so if you are worried about those types of things then definitely approach with caution. For me I thought that the graphic aspects worked so well with the entire narrative and fit well.

This book is imaginative, and is a brilliantly put together and written debut novel, that if you love true crime you will love!

You can buy Expectations on Amazon UK here!

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