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Parents Choose my TBR – Wrap Up!

Hi everyone!

So June is over, which means that it’s time to look back and see how my intended TBR went – and if I actually did the unbelievable and stuck to my TBR!

If you don’t know what TBR it was – then I got my parents to choose my TBR last month from a section of categories I made up! You can find that post here: Parents Choose My TBR!

Here is my how my TBR went for June!divider-2461548_1280

A classic book:
Mum – The Jungle Book
Dad – The Queen and I

Yay I managed to cross off both of these books! I’m so happy I managed to read them both as I really love The Jungle Book and my dad really wanted me to read The Queen and I! I loved both of them, but The Queen and I was definitely my favourite out of both!

An ARC chosen because of it’s title:
Mum – The Wicked Cometh
Dad – One Kind Man

I finished the second section too! WHO AM I??? I actually DNF’d The Wicked Cometh because I really didn’t get on with it, and found it very uninteresting. However I loved One Kind Man so much, I love this series!

An ARC chosen because of it’s cover:
Mum – Spare and Found Parts
Dad – The Wolf

I ended up DNF-ing The Wolf too because I decided about halfway that it really wasn’t my kind of book which is a shame! But Spare and Found Parts is one I’m hoping to get to soon!

A book chosen off the top of his head he knew was on my TBR:
Mum – The Colorado Kid
Dad – Truthwitch

CROSSED OFF ANOTHER WOO! I ADORED both of the books in this category, and especially Truthwitch – I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did for some reason! The Colorado Kid was a tough book to find but was definitely worth it!

A Stephen King book:
Mum – Salem’s Lot
Dad – The Gunslinger

I started Salem’s Lot but didn’t get to finish it before the end of the month unfortunately!! However I really do intend to read them both by the end of the year!

A book from my downstairs bookshelf:
Mum – Book of Lies
Dad – Watership Down

I guess I wasn’t ready to cry my eyes out at Watership Down just yet?? BOOK OF LIES WAS JUST EVERYTHING OMG.

A book from the bookshelf outside my room:
Mum – A Conjuring of Light

Dad – How To Stop Time

I only managed to get around to reading one of these books, and naturally it had to be the one by the wonderful Matt Haig! I adore his writing and loved this book. I will definitely be reading ACOL soon though!

A book from the bookshelf inside my room:
Mum – Siege and Storm
Dad – The Hit

I managed to read The Hit, and I read it actually in one day because it was so good! But my time ran out before I got to Siege and Storm which was annoying!


I really hope you liked my TBR for last month, and you like these kind of posts and monthly challenges! Let me know your thoughts below!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

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