To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo // Review

Title: To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 6th March 2018

Synopsis: With the hearts of seventeen princes in her collection, she is revered across the sea. Until a twist of fate forces her to kill one of her own. To punish her daughter, the Sea Queen transforms Lira into the one thing they loathe most – a human. Robbed of her song, Lira has until the winter solstice to deliver Prince Elian’s heart to the Sea Queen or remain a human forever. The ocean is the only place Prince Elian calls home, even though he is heir to the most powerful kingdom in the world. Hunting sirens is more than an unsavoury hobby – it’s his calling. When he rescues a drowning woman in the ocean, she’s more than what she appears. She promises to help him find the key to destroying all of sirenkind for good. But can he trust her? And just how many deals will Elian have to barter to eliminate mankind’s greatest enemy?divider-2461548_1280Review:

A brilliant Little Mermaid retelling that will make you want to fall in love with your very own Prince!

The story of The Little Mermaid is one that is known by millions of people all around the world, and the story of Lira is sure to a hit too among new and old fans of the original.

I loved the split POV and how the book was written. Alexandra created such an exciting story, and I loved all the nods to the original story that she included. With a lot of retellings it can sometimes be hard to create a unique story whilst also linking to the original material but this is truly a perfect example of just that.

The writing was beautiful, and complex throughout the entire novel. The way that each character and the world that the book was set in was described was absolutely beautiful. It completely allowed me to immerse myself in the world, and in the life of being a siren.

The ending was completely well rounded and really well balanced. I loved how I wasn’t left on a dramatic cliffhanger – I felt so satisfied and so happy when I finished the last page because it was done perfectly. The world Lira lived in was just so unique and so interesting. Also her mother was one of the BEST characters I have ever read about – the perfect Ursula for this book.

This is definitely one of the best retellings out at the moment. I had no idea whether I’d like it or not, but it’s safe to say I adore it! Definitely one to add to your wishlist!

You can buy To Kill A Kingdom on Amazon UK here!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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