Cauldron’s Bubble by Amber Elby // Review

Title: Cauldron’s Bubble by Amber Elby

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 10th August 2017

Synopsis: A magical bubble transports Alda through time and place to a realm of witches and curses, pirates and princes, and the lost worlds of Shakespeare. She, along with a cabin boy called Dreng, must navigate the conflicts and characters of Macbeth, Hamlet, and The Tempest. But will they escape with their lives? Or will they become lost and forgotten?divider-2461548_1280Review:

An amazing retelling of some of the most well loved stories in history. A new take on the original works of Shakespeare, and just what the literary world needed!

I’ve loved Shakespeare ever since I was little, so when Amber asked me if I wanted to read her new take on the stories I of course jumped at the chance. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

The book was so well written, you can just tell how much research Amber has done to create the book, and I particularly love how she has taken such well loved characters and introduced them to a different setting, giving it a whole fresh feel.

I loved every single character, and how they interacted with each other in the new take on the old tales, in particular how Hamlet was intertwined within the story. Alda and Dreng were two of the most interesting characters I’ve read about and Amber wrote them so well to fit in with the overall story.

The fantasy elements, the twists and turns, and the writing style overall was absolutely outstanding and as a fan of Shakespeare myself, you could tell just how much he has influenced this book. The detail and subtle hints to the original works of Shakespeare were hidden so well throughout, I loved it.

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare this book is 100% for you. If you’re not a fan, then after reading this you definitely will be! A simple, yet exciting and refreshing way to introduce young ones to the works of the Bard himself, Amber has completely outdone herself with this book.

The best news? The next book is out next year – I can’t wait!

You can buy Cauldron’s Bubble on Amazon UK here!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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