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A – Z Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

A while ago I found this tag on Darque Dreamer Reads, and thought it seemed like so much fun! Go and check out her blog too, it’s wonderful!

The tag originated from The Perpetual Page Turner, so check out her blog and show some blogger love too! Here we go:


A – Author you’ve read the most books from:

Probably Cassandra Clare because the Shadowhunter Chronicles!

B – Best Sequel Ever:

I think A Court of Mist and Fury will forever be my favourite sequel! It was everything and more that I wanted in a book so thank you to Sarah J. Maas for ruining my life in the BEST way!

C – Currently Reading:

I’m currently reading Cauldron’s Bubble by Amber Ely!

D – Drink of choice while reading:

I love a good hot chocolate while I’m reading!

E – E-reader or Physical Book:

I absolutely adore physical books, nothing better than that book smell!

F – Favorite fictional character:

I don’t know why I answer these things – because it’s quite obviously the love of my life AKA Jem!

G – Glad you gave it a chance:

I’m so glad I gave The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater a chance. I never thought it was something I would like then I picked it up on a whim and I couldn’t put the series down!

H – Hidden Gem book:

The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian was completely a hidden gem. I didn’t know much about it, and it completely blew me away – I hope everyone gets to read it one day!

I – Important moment in reading life:

The moment I read Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. It was a book that I know I will never forget, and has quite literally changed my life. It takes me through the tough days.

J – Just finished:

I just finished Satellite by Nick Lake and it was outstanding. Truly a unique read!

K – Kinds of books you won’t read:

I don’t like really romance centred books like Mills and Boon!

L – Longest book you’ve read:

IT or The Stand (both by Stephen King) – I can never remember which is longer!

M – Major Book Hangover:

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff gave me one of THE WORST book hangovers! I just kept checking the calendar to see when the next book was released!

N – Number of bookshelves:

I have 4 tall bookshelves! (YES I HAVE A PROBLEM)

O – One book read multiple times:

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – my absolute childhood love!

P – Perfect place to read:

In my bed with a good blanket!

Q – Quote that inspires you:

“Depression is a dark cloud passing across the sky, but – if that is the metaphor – you are the sky. You were there before it. And a cloud can’t exist without the sky, but the sky can exist without the cloud.” – Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

R – Reading Regret:

Not reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy earlier than this year!

S – Series I started and need to finish:

I’m so sad to say there’s SO MANY. Definitely the Mara Dyer series, and the Grisha Trilogy!

T – Three all-time favorites:

The Hate List – Jennifer Brown

U – Unapologetic fangirl moment:

The moment I got my ARC of Godsgrave! I absolutely ADORE Jay’s books so this was a dream true, and I wasn’t sorry!!!!

V – Very excited for release:


W – Worst bookish habit:

Reading multiple books at once! I always have so many on the go and I just say to myself “JUST KEEP ONE TO READ!”.

X Marks the Spot –Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

I chose the bookshelf in front of me and the book it picked was Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King!

Y – Your latest book purchase:

I just bought a few books including Demon Road by Derek Landy! Check out my book haul here – HUGE January Book Haul – 30+ Books!

ZZZ-snatcher book –  Last book that kept you up way late:

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor kept me awake until 3am – I couldn’t sleep and it was the best companion!



Ash – For The Love of Books

Lori – Majestic Readingdivider-2461548_1280

There we go! That was one of the most fun tags I’ve ever done and really got me thinking about some of the books! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

What did you think to my answers? What would your answers be? Let me know down below!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x


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