Blogmas Day 20 (Part 2!): Interview with Trev Lince!

Hi everyone!

I’m back AGAIN on Day 20 of Blogmas to share with you an interview with the lovely Trev Lince, author of Room 119!!!

Trev’s book is absolutely wonderful, and if you’re looking for a last minute present for someone you love this Christmas then this is definitely one to get!! Anyway let’s get on with the interview!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Trevor Lince, I am from a little village on the North East coast called Marske-by-the-sea in what used to be North Yorkshire. I now live in Darlington and work most of the week in London. Long suffering Middlesbrough FC fan, used to play football quite a lot now you’re more likely to see me on a golf course.

2. What inspired you to start writing a novel?

You won’t believe me but I had about six or seven dreams one night about 2 and a half years ago. I was in that in-between state of asleep and awake which meant I remembered all of what went on and hardly properly drifted off I guess. I told a work colleague the day after of what happened and she said I should write that down it would make a great film or book. So after the story growing arms and legs the more and more I told it, my long suffering wife said to me, ‘why don’t you write it, you never finish anything you start.’ 123,000 words later I was done.

It only took 3 months to write it, which was probably because the bits of my dream acted like markers, so essentially I only had to create how to get from one milestone to the next. After asking/forcing some friends to read it I played around with the story a bit to ensure no loose ends were hanging around as there is a lot going on. My editor cut out 30,000 un-required words, if it did not make the story move along or was funny it had to go. She took 30,000 words out without losing any content. She is a genius.

3. What inspired this book?

I guess it was more about proving to myself that I could do it, which is a bit of a cop out I know. My Dad who is no longer with us makes a small cameo in the book which is special.(“Mick” look out for him) but the main inspiration came from within. I received an ‘E’ grade GCSE in English back in 1985 when I left school and never have attempted to write anything since so it was a lot of self-inspiration.

4. Room 119 deals with a lot of emotional moments, was it difficult to write those scenes?

Not really, I found the whole writing bit quite easy, I never really had a staring competition with the keyboard it all made sense in my head what was next. What I did find hard was reading some of it back I was in bits. I cried at a few parts when I had my reading and not writing head on, for instance when I would have to read what the editor or proof reader gave it back to me, everyone seems to cry at different bits of my book and laugh at others. I am quite proud that it stirs up such emotions.

5. I absolutely loved the writing style of the book, did you know how the book would turn out, or did you let the story flow as you wrote?

Like I said before I had the markers from my series of dreams, but they were exactly that. Markers, places to get too and from. 90 percent of it is made up to fill in the gaps. My writing style is very much plain English, write it like I am telling you a story at the dinner table. I saw it like a film in my head which is probably why it reads like one, (and will be one maybe). Most of the story just flowed out while I was writing with no or very little gaps. There was a couple of sections added later after feedback, e.g. Chapter 2 was as nobody liked the main female character and that was not the intention so there was a storyline injected into the finished book to make her more appealing.

6. Do you have any authors who inspire you?

Only read 11 books in my life and 7 of them were Terry Pratchett so Terry it is, if you look closely and you’re a Pratchett fan I think you could probably work that out.

7. What is your favourite part of being an author?

The best and worst part and you know this Meg is when you know someone is out there reading your book. Occasionally on Goodreads or Twitter you get a sign, ‘loving it’, or ‘I’m hooked’. Other times nothing until the review. Having your book read by a stranger is like having your homework marked in public. It’s also the best thing that can happen too. I had a girl from Liverpool said this is her favourite book of the year, quite possibly her favourite book ever. You can’t please all the people all the time but I have only had one bad review out of 21, I am not a grumpy person, I was that day, I was so hurt. It did not even mention my book or it’s content more of a personal attack on me. You were lovely though, that’s why I put you on the back of my book.

8. What does the future hold for your writing?

Well unless I sell one or two that will be it. I have put my wife through the mill this last year. The feedback so far suggests it is a good book so just need to sell a few then I’ll buy some sleeping pills have another mad dream and off we go again, I really hope so anyway.


You can buy Room 119 on Amazon UK here now! It’s such a wonderful book you won’t regret it! Also Trev put me on the back of the book which is still one of the biggest honours of my life as I adore this book!

Don’t believe me? Check out my review for it here!

Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

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