Room 119 by Trev Lince // Review

Title: Room 119 by Trev Lince

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 14th December 2017

Synopsis: High-flying trader Dean Harrison has it all – the L;ondon penthouse apartment; the fast car; the beautiful wife. But when the threads of Dean’s life start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed.

Following advice of a frail stranger, Dean sets off for Welnetham Hall Hotel and is plunged into the mysterious world of Room 119 – a world where nothing makes sense. How does everyone in the hotel know his name? Why does he travel there on a train line shut down over fifty years ago? And who is the sinister man in black who pursues him wherever he goes?

As he gradually pieces together the puzzle of Welnetham Hall, Dean is forced to re-evaluate his life and realises that nothing is more important to him than his wife and daughter. Desperate to gt back to them, he vows he would lay down his life for the people he loves.

It’s a promise he may have to keep.



An extremely thought provoking, and beautifully written debut novel, that will leave you realising just how lucky you are to be alive.

From the start I knew I’d like this book. I loved how real Dean’s character felt. He was written in such a way that everything he did or said, felt as if it could really happen. Realistic characters are always a godsend in books, as you can relate to them, and this book did that perfectly.

Jodie especially was written in such a way that you could put yourself in her shoes, and her never-ending love for her family was beautiful to read about. Right from the first page, her character really stood out to me, and having such an independent female character was a brilliant addition.

The story overall was so incredibly unique that I was left in awe at how well thought out it was. Every twist and turned led me down the route of asking more and more questions, and taking me further into the book. It was incredibly immersive.

It was also so well tied up, every single loose end that had been created throughout the book, had been so brilliantly explained by the end that I felt so overjoyed. Nothing was left unanswered, and not only did everything make sense, but it was all so cleverly written.

The overarching message within the book about being grateful for what you have, and never taking anything for granted really hit hard for me. The message was beautifully intertwined into the story, and I can’t express how much I loved that part of the book.

Each character worked so well, and was so unique, the character development couldn’t have been any better. They were all individually so different, but as a whole, a perfect cast of characters. Benjie is my favourite!

Trev Lince’s debut novel is filled with a mixture of emotions. With moments to make you cry, make you laugh, and ultimately the realisation that you should live every moment like it’s your last. This book is so beautifully written, that it’s definitely one to add to your Christmas list! If this is his debut, I can’t wait for the rest of his books.

You can find more information on Trev and the book here!

Room 119 is NOW up for pre-order! You can pre-order it here!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

12 thoughts on “Room 119 by Trev Lince // Review

  1. Thank you Meg, means so much to have someone say such nice things about what I have written, I feel blessed that other people can enjoy my mad ramblings. Trev


  2. Couldn’t agree more with the review, I’m Trev’s brother and was sick of hearing about his upcoming book…..until I read it, wow did not expect it to be so good with so many twists, I always knew he had a vivid imagination but this really did blow me away, couldn’t put it down and read in two days, very good read


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