IRL Book Tag!

Hi everyone!

I was tagged to do this tag by the wonderful Kris over at Boston Book Reader! Thank you so much for the tag, this sounds such an interesting tag to do!

Here we go:


Most likely to stand up for the little guy

Elias! He always stands up for those in need and I mean he does such a brilliant job at it, he’d do it for the little guy!


Most romantically oblivious

Sherlock Holmes! He is so oblicious to anything even remotely romantic, that I think even if a potential partner punched him in the face, he still wouldn’t realise!


Most likely I’d turn to for advice

I’d definitely turn to Magnus for advice, purely because he’s been through so much and he has dealt with it all so well, he’d definitely know exactly what to say! Also he’d make me laugh too to brighten my mood!


Most likely to make youtube videos

I think Thorne would definitely love to do that, he’d love the publicity and the comments people would give him!


Most likely to grab a beer with

I could definitely grab a drink with Feyre, I think we’d get on well and she could tell me all about her adventures in Velaris and I’d love it!


Most likely to apply for a reality show

Kenji! I feel he has the sarcasm and the good humour to get through it and win!


Character I’d want to run into on a beach



Character I’d like to work for

August Flynn! I love how he is fair but firm, and also I would probably have a lot of fun helping out where I could!


Most likely to have a mental breakdown in public

Can I count as this? HAHA! No, but I reckon Kacey from Little Monsters because AFTER EVERYTHING SHE WENT THROUGH WHO WOULDN’T HAVE A BREAKDOWN?????


HR’s worst nightmare

Mia Corvere. I mean she just would not follow any of the rules, and if someone tried to make her? That’d probably be their last day on earth.



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Until next time,

Keep Reading!

Meggan x

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