The Change 1: London – Orbital by Guy Adams // Review

Title: London: Orbital by Guy Adams

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 13th July 2017

Synopsis: One minute everything was fine and the next… they arrived. Those that saw them died instantly. The unlucky ones survived. Now unimaginable things straight out of nightmares roam the streets of our towns and cities. Nothing is impossible. Nowhere is safe. And no one can escape The Change…
Howard doesn’t know where he is or how he got there. He’s not even sure his name is Howard. But he knows he is in trouble. Alone on a stretch of motorway jammed with broken down cars full of corpses and strange creatures, Howard falls in with a motorbike gang living in a nearby service station. But even The Kingdom of the Welcome Break can’t keep him safe. Something is moving between the rows of cars, something that used to be human but now clanks with metal, hisses with hydraulics, and is always on the lookout for new parts…



I didn’t initially know whether I’d like this book or not, but when I saw it was Read Now on NetGalley, I read the synopsis and thought I’d pick it up. It just turns out that this is one of the most brilliantly described and clever books I’ve ever read!

The level of description within this book is completely amazing. Every single scene was described in so much detail that I could perfectly imagine exactly what was happening at the time. Not only was the setting described well, but the description of the monstrosities that followed The Change, such as the awful creatures that came to exist, and the awful situations people were put in were horribly brilliant. I was disgusted in the best way, I felt like I was completely in the story. It was amazing.

The chapters including the monsters perspective were such a welcome addition, and really helped to give you a different view of the story, and show just how ‘feral’ the monster was by referring to humans as ‘the meat’. The use of language was extremely clever!

The characters within the story were also hilarious and full of depth, and the friendship between Hubcap and Howard was so unique, and such a welcoming happiness in the novel. It contrasted the darkness of the overall story so well, and made me smile the whole way through!

This book is a short story that definitely packs a punch. In only a short amount of pages Guy Adams makes you fall in love with characters, immerse yourself in the deadly world after The Change, and amazes you at the way his writing completely takes over every sense. It’s filled to the brim with everything you could want for a horror, and is definitely one to watch out for!

You can buy London: Orbital on Amazon UK here!

*NOTE: I was sent this book in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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