History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera // Review

Title: History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Rating: ★★★★

Release: 17th January 2017

Silvera is back breaking hearts, and emotions with his new bestseller, History Is All You Left Me. A beautifully diverse story with a life changing story, this book is sure to be a tearjerker no matter your age.

HIAYLM follows the story of Griffin, a young teenage boy who recently lost Theo, the love of his life. Not only does he have to deal with the grief, but he also has to cope with sharing his grief with Jackson, Theo’s boyfriend at the time of his death. Together they have to cope with reminiscing about Theo, dealing with each other, and trying their best to stay afloat while the grief of losing the boy they both loved tries to drag them down.

The message behind this book is utterly perfect. As someone who has lost a family member, I’m no stranger to the feeling of grief, and for me the portrayal of grief in this story was brilliant. It felt so real, and I really felt like as Griffin’s feelings developed and his emotions became darker and harder to control, that I was along with him for the ride.

The idea that grief, and mental health issues such as OCD, which is also a main part of the story, can affect people so young is such an important message and one that was created and developed with such finesse. Each character had so much depth, that I was amazed so much emotion came out of them, and the fact that the characters were diverse just topped it off.

It’s hard in the media of today to not only tackle the subject of mental health, but to also tackle the topic of homosexuality, but this book was everything that was needed. From the characters realistic reactions to everything that happened, to the overall story about how when dealing with grief you don’t have to be alone, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

With a beautiful message, and ending to leave you in tears, and a diverse cast, this book is truly what we needed. From start to finish I was hooked, and the way the story develops was brilliant. If you’re looking for a hard hitting but fun diverse read, look no further.

History is All You Left Me is out now at all major outlets!

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