Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams // Review

Title: Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 14th February 2017

This debut novel is a beautifully heart warming story of a mother’s love for her unborn child, that will leave you feeling every emotion and wanting to start it all over again.

The cover of this book is so fitting to the story. It explains the entire story just in one picture and that can be hard to do, from then I knew it would be an amazing book, and I wasn’t wrong.

Emily’s writing of this story is absolutely beautiful. I have rarely read a book that not only had me hooked from the start but that had me completely immersed in the story, it felt so real. The way that diary entries are included in letters from our main character Flora to her unborn child is brilliant. It added such a personal insight into the story that I felt like I was going along with Flora’s journey to motherhood with her.

The character of Flora herself was also particularly amazing. She is now one of my favourite book characters, she had such a ‘realistic’ atmosphere about her, that I felt I could relate to. I was completely captivated as she told her child her story, and felt every emotion she did as the story went on. It was brilliant.

Not only was Flora written and developed beautifully but the rest of the characters were also developed in the most realistic way. The way Flora’s parents reacted to her pregnancy was so good, it wasn’t made out to be perfect and barely a shock like a lot of films. The reactions were real, and I liked how her mother wasn’t sure at first. It just felt like a reaction any parent would have and that made this story so unique.

The relationship between Flora and River kept me on edge the entire time because I just wanted the best for them! I couldn’t contain how much love I felt for them, and the love they had for each other was beautiful.

I also loved how the story was told not only in letter format but also in flashbacks. It was so cleverly written that in most letters we were actually filling in gaps in the life of Flora and Eloise but the author had created it so well that it was hardly noticeable. Everything made sense, and by the end all loose ends were tied up in one heartbreaking and emotional bow!

The ending itself brought me to tears, but I couldn’t have pictured a better ending. Emily is one talented author, because she knew just when to pull at our heart-strings to make it all the more difficult when the book came to an end. The epilogue left me feeling almost every emotion under the sun from happiness, relief and also utter sadness. It takes an amazing author to do that, and this book did it perfectly.

There aren’t words to describe how much I loved this book. I loved how realistic it felt, from the emotions of Flora, to her relationships with River and Tate, and then overall her unending love for her baby. A truly heart warming and heart breaking read, but one that shows just how far a mother will go to protect and love their child. Beautiful.

Emily, I can’t thank you enough for gracing me with this book! Your writing inspires me!

You can buy Letters to Eloise now in paperback here:

Amazon UK: Here!

*NOTE: I was sent Letters to Eloise by the author in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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