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Why Reading Means the World to Me // #WorldBookDay

Hi everyone!

So this is a little different to my usual posts on this blog but I wanted to write something today in honour of World Book Day and I thought that explaining and expressing my love for books was the perfect way! I apologise if this is a little long!

I’ve always grown up with people around me reading. Whether it was my mum, my nan or my auntie, there was always someone reading around me. I picked it up from them and since being little I’ve never looked back. Reading has been one of the most important things in my life ever since, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am without it.

I wrote a post on my other blog about the positive effects of reading, so I didn’t want to write another of those. This one is my own opinion and my own reasons behind why I love reading so much.

Reading is my escape. It allows me for however long I’m reading to become someone else. The worries I have in my life are no longer bringing me down, for even just an hour I can forget about it all and focus on myself. I’ve always loved how books can allow you to travel through universes without moving a muscle, the power of words are one of the strongest things in the world and until recently I never realised just how true that is.

Since I got diagnosed with depression, books and reading have been my lifeline. I dived into reading because that way I didn’t have to focus on what I was going through and instead I did what I’ve always done when it comes to reading and became someone else. This is one of the reasons I fight so hard. Knowing I have a book to dive into when it all gets too much, it’s a wonderful feeling. For that time my mind is no longer an issue – I get to instead worry about things like whether my favourite character will survive the chapter. Still stressful but a nicer kind of stress and worry.

However until I read Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig last year I never really realised just how much books can change you. That book changed me and gave me hope that I didn’t think I could have. Obviously my friends and family always help but this was in book format. The format I’ve loved for so many years of my life. It hit me right where it needed to.

I realised that the bookish community isn’t just an escape, but books can be a home. A place to feel safe, and somewhere where no matter how dark your life gets, there’s always that little bit of a shining light in a book to clear the dark clouds. And it means the world to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if, back when I was a little girl, I’d decided I hated reading. This is in no way saying that those who don’t read are any less than those who do, it’s not what I’m saying. This is purely a personal explanation of why books are one of the lights in my darkness.

They’ve helped me understand more about myself, other people, made me laugh, cry, want to scream but also have helped me make some of the most amazing friends I’ve ever met. I met one of my now closest friends through a book app and that was all down to our mutual love for books.

Books have always been there, and I know always will be. They are my constant companion through everything and I cannot ever thank my family enough for embracing the young book lover I was when I was little and letting me grow up to the person I am now.

Reading led me to starting my own YouTube talking about books, and this blog and let me start to do things to better my career and myself. It helped me further my passion for writing and combine it with my love for reading. It got me published in my student newspaper each issue with book reviews, and improved my confidence in myself. It makes me happy. I have so many things to thank reading for, I don’t think I’ll ever have time to.

But that’s it. That’s a small insight as to why reading means the world to me. It has helped me through the darkest of times, and carried me through the happiest. It works with my family and friends and helps to try corner my depression and keep it at bay, while I try to fight it. Most of all it makes me feel safe and gives me a way to see the world from the comfort of my home.

Happy World Book Day to you all! Happy Reading and I hope your love for books never wavers.

I hope you liked this little explanation!

Keep Reading,

Meggan x

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