The Forgotten Federation by James Grea // Review

Title: The Forgotten Federation by James Grea

Rating: ★★★★★

Release: 6th October 2016

A wonderful book with a mind-blowing narrative – one for the superhero fans, this novel is a unique take on a classic trope.

The Forgotten Federation tells the story of a world that is ruled by a Parliament, where a one child rule is law and everyone has to be micro-chipped and surveyed. The only hope to fight against this was the Federation, a group of superheroes who fight for good, but the only issue is that the Federation is dead. But are they? This tells the story of a battle for good, featuring a few extraordinary people who come together to try to protect the world that they love.

After reading the synopsis for this book I was extremely excited, but I could have never prepared for how much I loved this book! From the first chapter I was absolutely hooked, it left me wanting more but also perfectly set up the plot for the entire novel. It was so brilliantly explained that I felt satisfied and never once did I feel confused about what was happening – it was a perfect beginning to a wonderful book!

The introduction of each character was created so well, each character had a backstory, and allowed you to not only understand what was going on with them, but also begin to relate to them in a way I never expected to. It left me with such a clear image of how each character not only thought, but how they looked – which is needed so much in a book.

The narrative overall was written so brilliantly. It gives you little snippets of information throughout the novel meaning I was constantly guessing about what would happen next and made me not want to put it down, all I could think about was reading the book! A lot of books sometimes have a tendency to reveal too much information all at once, so there is no mystery left but this was definitely not one of those books.

It was particularly brilliant how not only was it fast paced and action packed, but the characters worked so well off of each other. There wasn’t one character that seemed out of place or unnecessary, even the ‘villain’ was a brilliant blend of genius and evil. Each character balanced out the story perfectly, and kept me constantly on edge!

From start to finish I was completely in love with this book, and as soon as I finished the book I was begging for more! I can’t to see where the Federation stories carry on from here – but I know I will definitely be along for the ride!

This book is a superhero book through and through, but there are so many other aspects that I just loved how unique it was. It was a superhero book with a twist – there were aspects of romance, fantasy and sci-fi all packaged into one wonderful novel! A unique take on a classic trope!

A brilliant story, written beautifully, with extremely amazing character building and narrative development – what more can a book-lover want!

The Forgotten Federation is available to buy at most online bookstores, including Amazon! I highly recommend it!

*NOTE: I was sent The Forgotten Federation in return for an honest review and that is what I have written. All opinions are my own and are completely truthful.*

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