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Bookish 2017 New Years Resolutions!

Hi everyone!

It’s officially the 31st December 2016 which means tomorrow we’ll finally be in the new year. This is a bit of a different post for this blog, but I thought that since I’ve had a successful year of trying new things when relating to books this year, I’d do a little review of my book year and also include my bookish new year’s resolutions! I hope you like it!

Anyway my book year has been exciting and something I never expected to have. I created this blog, and became a part of the book blogging community. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done, and with the other things going on in my life, it’s been a complete solace in my life. I’ve heard about some amazing books, some of the best books I’ve actually read this year, and I’ve also met some wonderful people too.

I discovered Benita over at BookBeau (and managed to get a BookBeau!) and met one of my now bestest friends in the world, Mariam! Without the book community I don’t think I’d have gotten through the year half as strong as I am now, it’s been a nice positive thing to have happened to me. It’s led me to meeting authors, the wonderful Kim Briggs to start off with, and also getting my reviews published in my student newspaper. I have so many things I need to thank the book blogging community for, it really has been a shining light in my year.

I’ll be doing the end of year book tag soon, so keep an eye out for that too!

I decided that since I have a lot of bookish goals for the year, I’d make a bookish new year’s resolution post! I want to make them achievable so they’re not too far fetched, but here are my goals for the year:

  1. Read at least 50 books in the year. I read over 70 books this year, so I think this is definitely an achievable number! I don’t want to set the bar too high and then make myself panic, I want to enjoy the books rather than rush them!
  2. Make at least one booktube video every week. 2016 also saw me open a BookTube channel – betweenthepagesofya – and I really want to focus on it this year. I had so much fun making the first couple of videos, that I now really want to take it seriously and make longer and more fun videos!
  3. Review a book when I want to, not because I have to. I think this one is really important not just for me, but for a lot of book bloggers. Sometimes when I finish a book I feel like I HAVE to review more than I WANT to review it. I just feel like that needs to stop, because then I end up getting behind on my reviews and it makes me feel bad. So starting in 2017, I’m going to make sure to review the books I want, if I feel a book doesn’t need a full review other than my wrap up at the end of the month, I’m going to leave it. I mean I wrap up each book in the monthly wrap up anyway!
  4. Take more creative pictures for my bookstagram. I really love taking pictures of my books and expressing my creative side with this, and I’m excited to carry this on in 2017. I do however want to get more creative and learn a little bit more, so what better way to try than to set it as a goal!
  5. Be more frequent with my book blog posts! I started out the year being really on top of this blog, but then life got in the way and I started to lack content. However next year I am ready to be more frequent and post at least twice a week, whether that’s a review, a book meme or a book tag, who knows! I’m ready to get back into blogging!
  6. Visit the library more. I used to love going to the library and I miss it. Also this will (hopefully) help me to stop buying books and borrow them instead…well I can try at least?

There we go, they are my bookish resolutions for 2017! I hope that I’m not alone in some of these and maybe you can do them too!

Do you have any bookish resolutions for the year? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment with what you think of mine too if you want!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your 2017 is filled with bookish wonder!


Meggan x

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