Book Beaus – A book lover’s best friend!

Reading can be one of the most rewarding things that a person can do. I know there are many book lovers who, like me, have to take their book everywhere they go. One of the most annoying things about that however, is that if you read paperbacks they can get so easily damaged whilst being carried around! It’s so frustrating!

A user on Etsy called Benita however has thought of this exact problem and created the best product to save us all from having ruined paperbacks! She has created a product called a BookBeau and it’s perfect for carrying books!  It’s basically a padded sleeve with a range of different patterns to choose from that perfectly fits a paperback in. Benita creates these sleeves herself so you can guarantee that each one if perfect.

I ordered my first BookBeau last month, and once it arrived I was so happy. The first thing I did was test out different sized books in it, to see what the biggest book was that I could fit inside it (the most important test). The biggest paperback that I tried was over 700 pages and it still fit wonderfully in the Beau, and still had room! You can easily put in smaller 200 page books, or bigger 700 page ones and feel at ease knowing that your book is safely tucked away in your bag.

It wasn’t until I first used it on a commute to university however that I really noticed the difference! No matter how hard I tried to look after my books, sometimes you couldn’t help something falling over in your bag and hitting the corner of your book, nearly ruining it. Yet as soon as I put my book sleeve in my bag instead I knew no matter what it was safe in my bag.

My Book Beau in use!

Since I got my BookBeau not only do I know that no matter what type of bag I put my beloved books into, I know I can also carry them fine (there’s nothing worse than carrying a book in your arms and it does that annoying part where one of the corners bends up!). I thought the padding of the sleeve may be problematic, and yes it does add a certain bulkiness to the book itself, which may be seen as a problem for bigger books, but if anything it just adds to the experience.

I’d much rather have a bit less space in my bag, than no padding and my book getting ruined. Also Benita’s designs are perfection, she has such a range of fabrics from the galaxy design that I have, to Disney princesses, candy skulls and even Harry Potter themed ones! She also takes suggestions for custom designs, so if you find a fabric that you like and think would be perfect for a beau, no doubt if you message her with the fabric name and place to get it from, she will do her best to create a custom one just for you!

There are a lot of unique products for sale on Etsy, with a lot of lovely users and sellers too. However I honestly have to say Benita is the kindest one I’ve talked to, she’s always so open to any suggestions, answers any queries as soon as she can, and will make sure that you enjoy your BookBeau as much as she does. Not only are the products amazing, the customer service is exceptional.

If you’re a book lover that is looking for that little bit more to help look after your beautiful books, then BookBeau’s are definitely the way for you. A perfect reading companion by your side each day, and constantly there to protect your books, what more could you want! I need some more in my life, one is definitely not enough!

If you want to have a look at Benita’s store go to: to check out her BookBeaus! Be quick though because they sell out fast!

Also check out Benita’s store on my previous post, Top 10 Book Merchandise stores! She’s in at #3!

Do you have one? What are your favourite patterns!


Meggan x

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