Winter by Marissa Meyer // Review


Title: Winter by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★

Release Date: 10th November 2015

Winter is the exciting final book in The Lunar Chronicles, and is the perfect conclusion to this amazing Young Adult series.

Winter is a loose retelling of the story of Snow White, and tells of Princess Winter of Luna, the stepdaughter of Queen Levana, who is slowly losing her mind to lunar sickness. It follows her development through the awful treatment Levana deals to her, and her reaction to meeting Cinder and the rest of her friends.

This was probably one of the best finale book I have ever read in my life. Winter’s character was so different to any other character that has been introduced in the previous books, and it’s such a nice breath of fresh air. I loved that she was royalty but never acted upon it, and that even when she was at her worst with her hallucinations, they never got the best of her and she fought through them. She was such a well developed character and written beautifully.

Also her ‘crazy’ personality worked so well with the other characters, especially contrasting Scarlet’s organised and straight forward personality. I loved the two of them together and the dynamic friendship that was created.

One of my favourite things about this book however, was that we finally got a change of location. The book was almost entirely set of Luna, which as of yet we hadn’t managed to visit in detail. I loved how Meyer created Luna and made it sound like the beautiful place it’s known to be, but also highlighted the poverty stricken areas, and not just the royal palace. It was such a nice change to read about Luna and I loved the change of perspective and the change of narrative this created.

The development of characters is something that Marissa Meyer is always so good at, and she really shows that talent off in this book. Starting off with Levana, Meyer writes her character so brilliantly you can see her mental deterioration and also just how badly she rules Luna. I loved that we got to see that side to her, and not just how she is on Earth. It’s so subtle but also so plain to see, and Meyer’s writing really stands out fantastically by developing Levana.

The development of the rest of the characters such as Cinder and Kai is also so brilliantly well done, I loved the people they turned into, especially compared to how they were in the first book. Marissa Meyer really is the queen of character development.

I also once again love how she so cleverly linked her version of the fairy-tales with aspects of the original fairy-tales. It’s so brilliantly written and I love this unique aspect to the stories.

So much happens in this book, and it’s so fast paced, but it’s so amazing! I loved how the series came to a close, and everything that happened throughout the book. It was so brilliant, beautifully written and I just LOVED it!

The Lunar Chronicles is one of the best series I’ve ever read and I definitely recommend them! This was one of my favourite finale books, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint!

What did you think to Winter?


Meggan x


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