Cress by Marissa Meyer // Review

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★

Release Date: 6th February 2014

The third book in The Lunar Chronicles is the best yet, with action, adventure, fantasy and amazing writing all rolled into one.

Cress loosely follows the story of the fairy-tale Rapunzel, and tells of Cress, a Lunar who has been working in a satellite in space for Levana, being her personal cyber expert.

One of the first things that stood out to me in this book was the friendship between all of the characters. Especially Cinder, Wolf, Scarlet and Thorne before Cress joins them. Meyer writes it so well that you can really feel all of the strong bonds they have with each other, and how much the time on the Rampion has affected them and brought them together.

The book also contained a lot more of Cinder’s character development, as you finally see her having to cope by herself without the rest of her friends. This definitely helps to make her character even more believable and lovable, as you really feel for her emotionally and see how much she cares.

Cress herself is my favourite character so far. I love how naive she is, since she’s only ever seen the satellite for so many years, and how brave and clever she is, even though she doesn’t like to admit it. I also loved how Meyer wrote in about her having the long hair like Rapunzel, since she hasn’t had it cut in the years that she was on the satellite. I love how Meyer can link the fairy-tale and her version together, it’s an amazing talent to have.

Marissa Meyer’s writing is the best it’s ever been in this book. It follows different narratives for each character and she makes you feel exactly how each character feels as you follow them in their own personal story. It takes a great author to do this, especially with such a large amount of main characters yet she follows and develops each character perfectly.

The relationship between Thorne and Cress is also one of my favourites throughout the series so far because they fit so well, and really bounce off of each others personalities, so it works so perfectly.

The ending is absolutely perfect, and really builds up the excitement for the final book! It ends so brilliantly and really leaves you wanting the next book straight away.

Overall this was definitely my favourite one of the series so far, I loved the further development of each character away from the main group, the once again brilliant writing style for everything in the book, and I just loved Cress as a character!

What did you think of Cress?


Meggan x

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