Scarlet by Marissa Meyer // Review

 Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★

Release Date: 7th February 2013

Meyer is back with the second instalment of The Lunar Chronicles, and once again retells a classic fairytale in a wonderfully unique way.

Scarlet focuses on Scarlet Benoit, a farmer living with her Grandmother in France, until she meets the mysterious Wolf and her world is turned upside down by revelations amongst her family. She becomes involved in Cinder’s struggle for freedom, and has to find a way to find her missing Grandmother, without getting herself killed.

Sequels have a tendency to be either amazing, or to not live up to the expectations of the first book, so it’s normal to feel apprehensive when starting a sequel. Scarlet was one of the best sequels I have ever read.

Meyer has written this book so well that Cinders story from the previous book, and Scarlets story in this book blend perfectly together. I was unsure as to how they would work together but it was brilliant. You get just enough information about what is going on with Scarlet, and then have a little insight into Cinder’s story and it is brilliantly balanced.

The character of Scarlet is definitely my favourite so far, I love how brave she is and so determined to find her Grandmother. You can tell the elements that Meyer took from the story of Little Red Riding, in the fact she has red hair and that she is brave throughout the entire story.

The development of Kai and Cinders’ characters as well once they’re separated is extremely well written. It was good to see how they think about each other, and in particular Kai’s coming to terms of the fact that Cinder is not who he expected. I thought it was important to see how they dealt with being apart from each other, and the way  it was developed really added depth to the characters.

The introduction of Thorne as well was one of my favourite part, as his sarcastic character contrasts so brilliantly with the serious element of Cinder’s personality and they work so well together. It was also nice to have a relationship that was purely friendly with no romance, as they can also be hard to find in YA books.

The link to the original fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood was particularly a show of amazing writing, especially as one of the genetically engineered “wolves” imitates being Scarlet’s grandmother, just like in the story.

The quick romance between Scarlet and Wolf developed slightly too quickly however for what I was expecting. They’d only known each other for a couple of days before they fell for each other, and I felt that it would have been nicer maybe to have them develop it over time.

However saying that, I loved that the love story between them wasn’t soppy or cheesy and liked the fact it didn’t become the main story. It was always a side story and the main story was well paced, and left you wanting more, which is always important in a YA book.

Overall this book was an amazing and worthy sequel to Cinder. It had an amazingly fast paced narrative, the development of previous characters was so well written and the introduction of the new characters we meet really added to the story in the best way.

I can’t wait to read the next book!

What did you think to Scarlet?


Meggan x

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