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The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich // Review

 The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich

Rating: ★★★★★

Release Date: 14th July 2016

The Creeper Man is the second novel by Dawn Kurtagich, and was one of the most interesting books I’ve read this year!

It tells the story of two sisters who escape their horrible home life, and go to their aunt’s house in the country, little do they know that they’re putting themselves in more danger than ever before. The trees are moving, her aunt is going crazy, and The Creeper Man is lurking in the woods…waiting.

I loved this book so much. It was definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year, and the biggest surprise too! I wasn’t expecting it to have such a deep meaning that it does, and I definitely wasn’t expecting the horror aspect to be as creepy as it was! It definitely lived up to the name of a horror YA book.

One of the main things I loved about this about this book was the amazing writing style of it. The way that font and sizing of words was used was absolutely genius. It gave it such a unique feel to the story and added to the weirdness of the story and definitely gave it a great atmosphere. It was so clever, some words were in bold (especially in the diary entries, leading to hidden messages), some words were written down the page, and it was just absolutely brilliant. It was definitely one of my favourite parts about the book.

I also thought that Dawn’s talent of including a little rhyme at the start of each of chapter was brilliant. It really added to the creepiness of the story, since a lot of rhymes are associated with horror stories, and the way these were written was amazing. It made it even more creepy and was just such a clever little addition. It’s the little things that make the difference in books like this!

The story itself was so clever and well thought out. I loved the main characters Silla and Nori, I really felt sympathy for them and even fear for them throughout the story! I loved Silla’s protectiveness over her sister, she was written so beautifully that you could really feel the love between them.

I can honestly say this was the creepiest book I have read this year, and it was also the one that surprised me the most because the ending is particularly spectacular. It was such a rollercoaster and, without spoiling too much, I can say that it was one of the best endings to a book I’ve read in a while! Everything linked so well and made sense and it was just amazing.

I have nothing negative at all to say about this book, it was that good. I was hooked from start to finish and it was so well paced and atmospheric that it was one of my favourite reads of the year so far! If you can handle horror then I urge you to pick it up and give it a read! I can’t emphasise enough how amazing the writing style is, Dawn you are my hero.


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