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June Wrap Up!

Hi everyone!

It’s officially July! That it means that it’s time for a wrap up of the books I read this month! I kinda stuck to my TBR for this month. I mean I missed out on of the books, but I read more than I planned so that makes up for it…maybe? I’ll say it does! This month I read:


 Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I literally cannot even deal with how utterly amazing in every single way this book was. Not only this book but the trilogy in general was just everything I ever wanted and so much more! It tied up so many loose ends not only for this trilogy but for The Mortal Instruments too! I spent so much of my time fangirling over how everything fit so well with TMI and it all made sense. I actually cried because of sad stuff and because I was so happy at how it ended! The development was amazing and I just love this book so much. Please please please make sure you read this trilogy! Read a full trilogy (spoiler free) review here.

 The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Rating: ★★★★

Review: I finally got around to reading the final book in the 5th Wave trilogy! I loved it! There was a bit in the middle that took me a while to get through but it definitely made up for that at the end! It was such a perfect ending and I just loved how different it was to most YA/Sci-Fi books, and it really finished everything up so well! I’m so happy with this and the entire trilogy I would definitely recommend!



Title: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: It took me a month to finally start it but I finally read this sequel to ACOTAR! I cannot deal with how perfect this book was like seriously. I cried and laughed and it broke me emotionally. I just wanted to reread it instantly, everything was so amazing about it! I can’t believe it took me so long to finally get around it! Read a full detailed (spoiler free) review of it here!



Title: Looking For Alaska by John Green

Rating: ★★★

Review: I loved The Fault in our Stars so had real high hopes for this book, but it didn’t quite live up to it! Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, I love John Green’s writing and I think he’s such a brilliant author! I just found this book to be  a little predictable, which could easily be because I’ve read so many books of this genre. I otherwise enjoyed it, I just don’t think it was for me!


An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo

Rating: ★★★★

Review: I love Michael Morpurgo so much, his books are so clever and he always does so much research in them. This one is no different and it actually shocked me at just how much one second of your life can potentially determine the future! I love the amount of research he put into the book and the story itself was so intriguing! He’s such a brilliant author and I loved it!


Reasons to Stay Alive
by Matt Haig

Rating: ★★★★★

 This was bought for me by my best friend in the hopes that it would help me get through some stuff in my life at the moment. I can honestly say it’s one of the most beautiful and inspiring books I’ve ever read. I loved how it was talked about so truthfully and so raw that I felt myself nodding at a lot of it, because it was just so true. There are some amazing quotes in it, and I really urge everyone to read this book no matter what you’re going through because it truly is amazing. Read my review in detail here!

by Mira Grant

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I’d not really heard anything about this book before I picked it up, the synopsis and cover really drew me in so I was looking forward to reading it, but wasn’t sure what to expect. It exceeded my expectations for sure! It was amazing! I loved that it didn’t focus entirely on the zombie aspect, and it focused more on how it is to be a blogger in that time and the conspiracy surrounding that. As a blogger myself it was extremely interesting! I loved the turn of events in it and the characters were so well developed! It was so so good and made me not want to put it down the entire time! I can’t wait the next books!

 Kindred Spirits 
by Rainbow Rowell

Rating: ★★★★

Review: I picked this up for £1 because I love Rainbow Rowell and thought I might as well read anything by her! It was such a nice little short story and packed a lot of punch in those few pages! A lovely story about coming of age, embracing who you are and what you love and also making you realise that little things have an effect on people! Such a nice little story!

by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I loved this! I love retellings so much and I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to reading this! I remember wanting to read it as soon as it came into the library back in 2012, but I never did and I should have! This was so good and I loved it so much I spent all night reading it! For my full spoiler free review go here!


That’s all the books I read this month! I read some amazing books and I can’t wait to read some more great ones next month!

What did you read this month? Leave a comment with your wrap ups!

Have you read any of the books in this wrap up, what did you think?

My July TBR should be up soon!


Meggan x

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