Weekly Book Memes

Thursday Quotables!

Hi everyone!

Thursday Quotables is a weekly book meme hosted at Bookshelf Fantasies!


To play along just post a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.  Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just really beautifully written!

My Quote:

“One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us”

This quote is from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and it’s one of my favourite quotes ever. I love this trilogy so so much, you can find my review here. This quote is one of my favourites because I love books and I love writing so I know the impact words can have on people. They do have the power to change us, but they have even more power to make us into better people for it.

Leave a comment with your Thursday Quotable posts, I’d love to read them!


Meggan x

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