Starting Out!

Hi everyone!

I just thought I’d do a little introduction to this blog.

Reading has always been important to me ever since I was little, and as I’ve gotten older it’s just become more important and is still one of my favourite ways to relax, de-stress and just have some me-time.

My house is filled with hundreds of books, and it’s a true addiction because I keep buying more even though I’m running out of room for them all!

Due to my love for all things books, I thought I’d create this blog, which is going to mainly be focused on books, and I’m going to try to include a range of different posts from book hauls, book recommendations, to anticipated releases, monthly wrap ups and reviews!

I do have another blog where I post helpful advice articles and other reviews (concert and album reviews). If you’d like to give that a look too, just follow this link: http://www.lifeisbutadream13.wordpress.com

I hope you like it, and feedback is always welcome!


Meggan x

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